SWIFT codes in Indonesia - BIC Codes of All Banks

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Find SWIFT Codes and other relevent details of Banks and Branches in Indonesia

First select your Country, select the Bank, now select your City and finally select the branch of your bank to find SWIFT Code. If you need to change any search list term, please use Refresh Icons.

SWIFT Enabled Banks List in Indonesia

The following are the Banks, in Indonesia has SWIFT enabled branch / branches. Select an individual Bank link to view list of cities, where the perticular bank has branch / branches. If you have any problem to locate the Bank, please use search box. Some bank name may be misspelled, and may arise difficulty to find from this list. So, there is a All countries list in the menu. Some banks name may start with the word 'THE'. View carefully and find your branch.

Abadi Prisma Ekamandiri Pt Abadi Sekuritas Adimasa Pt Adithya Securinvest Pt Agridhanasatya Permata Pt Agung Cahaya Cendana Pt Agung Securities Indonesia Pt Aksara Kencana Pt Aldiracita Corpotama Pt Amcapital Indonesia Pt Amcol Sekurindo Pt Amsindo Nusantara Pt Aneka Keloladana Pt Anekareksa Securities Corp Pt Antar Dhana Masa Pt Anugerah Securindo Indah Pt Aperdi Pt Arbuthnot Latham Bank Ltd Arga Artha Securitas Pt Arta Gitasejahtera Sekuritas Pt Artha Adyanugraha Pt Artha Dwipa Persada Pt Artha Securities Prima Pt Arya Prada Sekuritas Pt Arya Shinta Finance Aseam Indonesia Pt Asia Kapitalindo Pt Asian Development Bank Asiana Securities Pt Asjaya Indosurya Securities Pt Aspac Uppindo Pt Asprina Prima Sentosa Pt Astra Securities Pt Bahamindo Guna Bahana Securities Pt Bakrie Securities Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited Bank Agung Asia Bank Antardaerah Bank Anz Indonesia P T Bank Arta Niaga Kencana Bank Artha Graha Internasional Tbk Pt Bank Bnp Paribas Indonesia Pt Bank Central Asia Bank Ctbc Indonesia Pt Bank Dbs Indonesia Pt Bank Dki Pt Bank Ekonomi Raharja Pt Bank Indonesia Bank Jasa Arta Pt Bank Kesawan Pt Tbk Bank Mandiri Persero Pt Bank Mayindo Pertama Bank Mega Pt Bank Mega Pt Tbk Bank Mestika Dharma Bank Metro Express Bank Mitraniaga Pt Bank Mizuho Indonesia Pt Bank Nasional Bank Negara Indonesia Pt Persero Bank Nusantara Parahyangan Bank Of America N A Jakarta Branch Bank Of China Jakarta Branch Bank Of Tokyo Mitsubishi Ufj Ltd The Bank Pembangunan Daerah Kalimantan Timur Bank Perk Surya Kencana Bank Rabobank International Indonesia Pt Bank Resona Perdania Pt Bank Sinarmas Bank Sri Partha Pt Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Indonesia Pt Bank Swaguna Pt Bank Tabungan Negara Persero Pt Bank Windu Kentjana Bapindo Bumi Sekuritas Pt Bca Sekuritas Pt Bdni Sekuritas Bina Tatalaksana Pasifik Pt Binaartha Parama Pt Bintangmakmur Securindo Pt Bomar Securities Pt Boresia Pt Bt Prima Securities Indonesia Pt Buana Securities Pt Buanamas Investindo Pt Bumi Arta Securindo Pt Bursa Berjangka Jakarta Jakarta Futures Exchange Bzw Niaga Securities Pt Cef Andromeda Securities Pt Citibank N A Citramas Securindo Pt Clsa Indonesia Pt Crosby Indonesia Pt Daiwa Indonesia Securities Pt Dana Gajah Sakti Pt Danametro Sekuritas Pt Danamon Securitas Pt Danasakti Securities Deemte Artadharma Deutsche Bank Ag Deutsche Morgan Grenfell Indonesia Pt Dhana Pasifik Securitas Pt Dhana Tunggal Binasatya Pt Dhanadaya Anugerah Pt Dhanamas Buana Wirasta Pt Dhanawibawa Artha Cemerlang Dharma Finance Corp Dharmala Securities Pt Dwidana Permai Securities Pt Dwidana Sakti Sekurindo Pt Dwipanca Rijeki Pt E Capital Securities Pt Eficorp Sekuritas Pt Erdhika Mualatama Securities Pt Exim Securities Pt Export Import Bank Of Korea The Finan Corpindo Nusa Pt Floreta Purwa Artha Pt Fpb Asia Limited Ganda Surya Sekuritas Pt Garudapara Invesindo Pt Gawang Rejeki Pt Gentapastado Abadi Pt Halim Indonesia Bank Pt Harpakencana Sekuritas Pt Harumdana Sekuritas Pt Henan Putihrai Pt Hongkong And Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited The Hsbc Securities Indonesia Pt Ichiyoshi Alfa Securities Pt Ifibank Indo Premier Securities Indocitra Securities Pt Indofinancia Pratama Pt Indonesia Eximbank Indonesia Stock Exchange Indover Sekuritas Co Pt Indoverse Securities Pt Indovest Securities Pt Infinity Investama Pt Intan Artha Pt Interasia Sekuritindo Pt Interindo Danapraya Pt Inter Pacific Securities Pt Inti Fikasa Sekurindo Pt Inti Teladan Arthaswadata Pt Intisekuriti Investama Pt J P Morgan Securities Indonesia Jakarta Pt Jakarta Negotiated Board Jalur Artha Wahana Pt Jardine Fleming Jasa Jakarta Securities Pt Jasabanda Garta Pt Jasereh Utama Pt Jpmorgan Chase Bank N A Kapita Sekurindo Pt Kapitalindo Utama Pt Kartika Investindo Pt Kes Sinarmas Securities Pt Kestrel Sekuritas Indonesia Pt Kharisma Mulatama Pt Kim Eng Securities P T Kustodian Sentral Efek Indonesia Pt Kwik Chandra Martoatmodjo Pt Lamganda Citra Securities Pt Layang Mega Pt Lumbung Persada Khatulistiwa Pt Madah Pacific Pt Makefin Pt Makindo Securities Pt Maksurindo Pt Malysa Anugrah Pt Maryloone Mentari Pt Mashill Securities Pt Mega Investa Pt Mentari Securindo Pt Merincorp Securindo Pt Merrill Lynch Indonesia Pt Metro Sukma Securities Pt Metropolitan Securinvest Pt Mifcor Sekuritas Pt Mitra Duta Securitas Pt Mitra Tatadhana Pt Mitraconvest Pt Muamalat Muara Securities Multi Pengelola Danaprima Pt Multicor Securities Pt Multiprakarsa Investama Pt Murni Segara Lestari Pt Namalatu Ronesina Pt Natin Bank Natura Pacific Pt Niaga Securities Pt Niki Asia Securindo Pt Nikko Securities Indonesia Pt Ocbc Sikap Securities Pt P T Nomura Indonesia P T Mercedes Benz Distribution Indonesia P T Mercedes Benz Indonesia P T Samsung Electronics Indonesia Pan Indonesia Bank Pt Pancasumber Dhanamandiri Pt Pandurama Sekuritas Pt Panin Capital Pt Paramitra Alfa Sekuritas Paramitra Yamasekuritas Pt Paribas Asia Equity P T Patriatama Danamandiri Pt Pdfci Securities Pt Pendawa Dana Mandiri Pt Pentasena Arthasentosa Pt Peregrine Securities Pt Piranti Ciptadhana Amerta Securities Pt Pos Indonesia Pranata Invesindo Pt Pranata Securities Pt Prasasta Paperasia Pt Pratama Penaganartha Pt Primasia Securities Pt Pt Abacus Capital Indonesia Pt Aia Financial Pt Antaboga Delta Sekuritas Indonesia Pt Bank Brisyariah Pt Bank Bumi Arta Tbk Pt Bank Capital Indonesia Tbk Pt Bank Icbc Indonesia Pt Bank Index Selindo Pt Bank Indovest Tbk Pt Bank Maspion Indonesia Pt Bank Maybank Indonesia Tbk Pt Bank Maybank Syariah Indonesia Pt Bank Ocbc Nisp Tbk Pt Bank Permata Tbk Pt Bank Qnb Indonesia Tbk Pt Bank Riau Kepri Pt Bank Syariah Mandiri Pt Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional Tbk Pt Bank Uob Indonesia Pt Bhakti Investama Tbk Pt Bnp Paribas Investment Partners Pt Buana Capital Pt Cimb Securities Indonesia Pt Credit Suisse Securities Indonesia Pt Danatama Makmur Securities Pt Eastspring Investments Indonesia Pt Fitch Ratings Indonesia Pt Kresna Graha Sekuritas Tbk Pt Lippo Securities Tbk Pt Macquarie Capital Securities Indonesia Pt Pacific 2000 Investindo Pt Rbs Asia Securities Indonesia Pt Rhb Osk Securities Indonesia Pt Sarijaya Permana Sekuritas Pt Schroder Investment Management Indonesia Pt Sun Life Indonesia Services Pt Supra Securinvest Pt Trimegah Securities Tbk Pt Ubs Securities Indonesia Pt Bank Agris Pt Bank Bni Syariah Pt Bank Bukopin Tbk Pt Bank Cimb Niaga Tbk Pt Bank Commonwealth Pt Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk Pt Bank Ganesha Pt Bank Hagakita Pt Bank Jatim Pt Bank Jtrust Indonesia Tbk Formerly Pt Bank Mutiara Tbk Pt Bank Keb Hana Indonesia Pt Bank Mayapada International Tbk Pt Bank Mayora Pt Bank Mega Syariah Pt Bank Muamalat Indonesia Tbk Pt Bank Nationalnobu Pt Bank Nisp Tbk Pt Bank Of India Indonesia Tbk Pt Bank Pembangunan Daerah Bali Pt Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Barat Dan Banten Tbk Pt Bank Pembangunan Daerah Sumatera Selatan Pt Bank Rakyat Indonesia Persero Tbk Pt Bank Rakyat Indonesia Agroniaga Tbk Pt Bank Sbi Indonesia Pt Bank Sumut Pt Bank Victoria Internasional Tbk Pt Bank Windu Kentjana International Tbk Pt Bnp Paribas Securities Indonesia Pt Bpd Sumatera Barat Bank Nagari Pt Bumiputera Capital Indonesia Pt Ciptadana Securities Pt Citigroup Securities Indonesia Pt Danareksa Sekuritas Pt Lautandhana Securindo Pt Mahakarya Artha Securities Pt Mandiri Sekuritas Pt Optima Kharya Capital Securities Pt Panin Sekuritas Tbk Pt Sun Life Financial Indonesia Pt Waterfront Securities Indonesia Pt Bank Mnc Internasional Tbk Pt Phillip Securities Indonesia Putera Master Sekuritas Pt Putra Juang Sekupindo Pt Putra Saridaya Persada Pt Ramayana Artha Perkasa Pt Rashid Hussain Securities Pt Ravindo Securitama Pt Redialindo Mandiri Pt Rekaprima Sekuritas Pt Rita Wijaya Kencana Pt Safindo Mediadana Pt Saka Carry Securities Pt Sanyo Primarindo Securities Pt Sarana Efekindo Pt Sassoon Securities Limited Pt Sekurindo Pratama Pt Sekuritas Indo Pasifik Investasi Pt Sekuritas Indopasific Inv Pt Semesta Indovest Pt Sertivia Securitas Pt Seruni Tunggal Pt Sigma Batara Pt Sinarmas Sekuritas Pt Srikandi Securities Invesindo Pt Standard Chartered Bank Standard Chartered Ind Pt Sucorinvest Central Gani Pt Sumber Artha Invesindo Pt Surabaya Artha Invesindo Pt Surabaya Stock Exchange Swadana Cipta Efekindo Tataguna Sarana Efek Tegardinamika Abadi The Royal Bank Of Scotland N V Jakarta Branch Tifa Securities Tobeli Pasifik Pt Transpacific Securindo Pt Tunas Perdana Securindo Tunasmulia Tunasmulia Invesindokarsa Unisecurindo Uob Kay Hian Securities Pt Vickers Ballas Tamara Pt Victoria Sekuritas Pt W I Carr Indonesia Pt Wardley James Capel Ind Pt Woori Bank Indonesia P T Jakarta Yama Bank Bank Internasional Indonesia Bank Jateng P T Bank Keb Indonesia Pt Bank Himpunan Saudara 1906 Tbk Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional Pt

Swift Codes in Indonesia

SWIFT code contains eight(8) to eleven(11) characters. Primary office SWIFT codes contains eight(8) characters. Branch office SWIFT codes contains eleven(11) characters. The above list is the currently available data of SWIFT / BIC list in Indonesia.

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