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Nowadays, in this busy life, Internet Banking has become an easy and time saving solution for many people. Like many other banks, Allahabad bank also provides 24*7 internet services to its customers. With the help of these services, one can access banking services from their home itself. One can access banking services from anywhere at any time through their mobile itself!.

If you want to use net banking services in Allahabad bank, then you have to register for it. To register in Allahabad Internet Banking services, one has to apply online and then make any transaction. One can easily transfer money from their account to another without any delay!

Allahabad Bank Net Banking Registration Process:

  • In order to register for the online banking, one has to visit the official website of Allahabad Bank
  • In the home page, you can see the 'Continue to Log in' button, on clicking the continue to log in button, it will be redirect you to the new page
  • There will be an option download application form
  • One has to click on this link to download the form and one has to fill it up and submit it at the bank.
  • Customers have to fill up the required information in the boxes in the form after reading the instructions. One needs to fill up the details like CIF Number, Date of Birth, Customer Name, Address, Telephone Number, PAN number, Email ID, Account details etc.
  • After filling all the information, one has to submit the duly filled form at the bank to get the 'User ID for Internet Banking'. Then, they will send you the cover with User ID printed on the top and the login password covered beneath.
  • In order to set a password and to activate Net Banking services, one has to visit the official website of Allahabad Bank for Internet Banking Services and continue to Login and click on the button 'Generate Login Password'.
  • It will redirect the user to a new page, where they have to enter the User ID and registered mobile number and click on the 'submit' button to proceed.
  • For authentication purposes, One time password will be sent to the user's registered mobile number.
  • It will ask you to enter a strong password and when you generate a password, it will show the password has been created successfully.

It will take about 24 hours of time to activate the net banking services in Allahabad bank.

Features of online banking services:

It includes services like transfer of funds to other accounts. Some of the features of the services provided by the Allahabad bank are as follows:

Beneficiary Management:

It will allow you to join beneficiary accounts, to that account, one can transfer funds through Internet Banking.

Fund transfer within bank:

It allows you to transfer the amount to the person who has an account in Allahabad Bank.

Fund transfer with other banks:

It allows you to transfer an amount to the person having an account in any other bank other than the Allahabad Bank through NEFT/RTGS transfer.


IMPS enabled you to transfer to other Bank accounts 24x7 hours a day.

Scheduled Payment Enquiry:

It helps you to enquire/ cancel transactions scheduled in upcoming days.

NEFT/RTGS Enquiry:

It helps you to enquire status of NEFT /RTGS transactions

Safe banking:

Net Banking can make clear reports to banking accounts thus helping its customers to keep accounts safe.

Fixed deposit accounts:

Net Banking Registration allows the customer to open and close the fixed deposit and recurring deposit accounts that offer high rates of interest.

One can open RD/ FD online and can also close the accounts through online without visiting the bank branch directly.

One can also download the PPF application form for opening PPF accounts online.

Standing Instructions:

By this feature, one can set instructions to transfer the amount automatically on a fixed date for a specific time period.

Cheque stop/ revoke:

One can set instruction to the revoke or branch to stop payment on a cheque number.

ATM services:

One can generate Pin numbers online and if they want to block the ATM card, then they can also use online services to block the card immediately.

Password services:

Password change:

In order to change Login password, any time, then change your login password at least once in every 90 days.

Transaction Password change:

To change transaction password, any time, change the Transaction password at least once in every 90 days

Transaction Password generation:

One can generate new transaction password of their own through this menu.

Allahabad Bank Mobile Banking:

The Allahabad Bank Banking applications can be downloaded on any mobile of Android, iOS, Java, and Windows platforms.

The users are requested to follow the below steps to register for the Allahabad Bank mobile banking app:

Step 1: At first, the customers are requested to download and install the Allahabad Bank Mobile Banking application on their mobile device.

Step 2: After installing the application, customers have to open the Allahabad Bank by accepting the terms & conditions.

Step 3: Customers have to register their mobile phone with their account.

Step 4: They have to provide the details of internet banking service or the debit card details.

Step 5: Now, the system will send the OTP to the registered mobile number of the customer and they have to enter OTP within 3 minutes.

Step 6: After the completion of the authentication process, the customer has to setthe MPIN. For this, they have to click on the 'Enable' option and have to enter MPIN and the system will ask you to enter it again for confirmation.

Step 7: Now, the customer can login into their account by using their registered MPIN.


In order to use the BHIM ALLBANK UPI, customers have to enter the four digit login PIN.

After the verification of mobile number, one can set up the Virtual Payment Address (VPA) to make payments.

The other menu choices available are manage accounts, balance enquiry, beneficiary, virtual address and UPI PIN management.

Allahabad Bank SMS Banking:

SMS Banking service allows the customer to make banking transactions anywhere at any time with the help of their mobile phone. This service will help you to make and inform transactions in the bank through SMS Banking Alerts.

To get these services, one has to get the form from the branch and select the SMS Banking option and must ensure the Mobile Number for SMS Banking.

The customers have to send a text message in the specified format as preferred. Then, they have to send the message to the number mentioned by the bank. This message will be transferred from their phone to the SMS Centre of the Cellular Service Provider, and then to the Bank's systems

The information that you need will be retrieved and provided to you within a few seconds.

The SMS has to be sent to the number as follows: 9223150150.

SMS Banking Services:

The available services through SMS banking are as follows:

To check the Balance Inquiry, type "BALAVL <A/c no>" and send it to 9223150150.

To know the last 5 Transactions, type "LATRAN <A/c no>" and send it to 9223150150.

For Cheque Status Inquiry, type "CHQSTS " and send it to 9223150150.

To Request for Cheque Book, type "CHQREQ <A/c no>" and send it to 9223150150.

To Stop Payment on a Single Cheque, type "STPPAY MPIN" to 9223150150.

To Revoke Stopped Cheque, type "STPREV MPIN" to 9223150150.

To Request for DD Issue, type "DDISSU MPIN" to 9223150150.

For Requesting Account Statement, type "STMACC <A/c no>" to 9223150150.

To Change MPIN, type "CHGPIN " to 9223150150.

For Help, type "HELP " to 9223150150.

SMS Banking Service does not charge any cost to the customers. Text messaging service does not charge any airtime charges, but the Cellular Service Provider will levy a nominal Value Added Services (VAS) charge for the SMS facility.

Missed call Banking:

Allahabad Bank provides MISSED CALL ALERT features for the customers for the ease of the banking services. Customers can make use of these services to check their bank balance and take mini statements for the accounts.

To use this facility, customers have to register their mobile number with the account at the nearest Branch.

After configuring the account number, they have to send SMS services to 9223150150 in the format REG space ACCOUNT_NUMBER from the mobile number.

Customers can make a call to 9224150150 from the registered mobile number. Call will get disconnected and an SMS containing the account balance and details of the last 5 transactions will be received.

Customers can also use the account registration facility by sending SMS REG Account_No to 9223150150.

Net banking or online services is the easy process and is best feature available for the bank customers. For carrying out the financial transactions through the internet, one can make transactions through your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer. It is the quick and easy process and it allows you to carry out a number of tasks such as paying bills, transferring funds, without having directly visit to the bank or call your bank. One can make any transactions at any time from any where without any delay. It is an time saving process and reliable services available online.


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