SWIFT codes in Denmark - BIC Codes of All Banks

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Find SWIFT Codes and other relevent details of Banks and Branches in Denmark

First select your Country, select the Bank, now select your City and finally select the branch of your bank to find SWIFT Code. If you need to change any search list term, please use Refresh Icons.

SWIFT Enabled Banks List in Denmark

The following are the Banks, in Denmark has SWIFT enabled branch / branches. Select an individual Bank link to view list of cities, where the perticular bank has branch / branches. If you have any problem to locate the Bank, please use search box. Some bank name may be misspelled, and may arise difficulty to find from this list. So, there is a All countries list in the menu. Some banks name may start with the word 'THE'. View carefully and find your branch.

A P Moller Maersk Abn Amro Asset Management A S Abn Amro Asset Management Fondsmaeglerselskab A S Accunia Fondsmaeglerselskab A S Agri Egens Sparekasse Alm Brand Bank A S Almind Spare Og Laanekasse Aloc A S Andelskassen J A K Slagelse Ap Pension Arbejdernes Landsbank A S Arla Foods Amba Atp Fondsmaeglerselskab A S Bank Invest Banknordik Basisbank A S Bestseller A S Bi Asset Management Fondsmaeglerselskab A S Bi Management A S Bil Danmark Filial Af Banque International A Luxembourg Sa Bjoernskov And Co A S Bnp Paribas Fortis Denmark Branch Boddum Ydby Sparekasse Borbjerg Sparekasse Brfkredit A S Broager Sparekasse Canegie Asset Administration A S Capital Four Management Fondsmaeglerselskab A S Carlsberg A S Carlsberg Breweries A S Carnegie Asset Management Fondmaeglerselskab A S Carnegie Kreditinstitut A S Citibank International Limited Denmark Branch Commercial Bankers Trust K S Dana Invest Fondsmaeglerselskab A S Danfoss A S Danmarks Nationalbank Danmarks Skibskredit A S Dansk Autoriseret Markedsplads A S Dansk Formue And Investeringspleje A S Fondsmaeglerselskab Dansk Kapitalforvaltning Fondsmaeglerselskab A S Dansk O T C Fondsmaeglerselskab A S Dansk Supermarked A S Danske Andelskassers Bank A S Danske Bank A S Danske Capital Danske Civil And Akademiingeniorers Pensionskasse Danske Commodities A S Danske Forsikring Skade I A S Den Jyske Sparekasse Den Professionelle Forening Ld Dexia P H Private Bank Denmark A S Difko Bors A S Fondsmaeglerselskab Djurslands Bank A S Dlr Kredit A S Dnb Bank Asa Filial Af Dnb Bank Asa Norge Dragsholm Sparekasse Dronninglund Sparekasse Dsv A S Ecco Sko A S Egnsbank Han Herred Egns Invest Faelleskassen Samoekonomi J A K Andelskasse Fanoe Spare Og Laanekasse Faster Andelskasse Fdb Datterselskab Af 13 December 2 A S Fih Erhvervsbank A S Flakkeberg Og Omegns Sparekasse Flemloese Sparekasse Flsmidth And Co A S Folkesparekassen Fondsaeglerselskabet Maj Invest A S Fondsmaglerselskabet Maj Invest A S Forca A S Froes Herreds Sparekasse Frorup Andelkasse Froslev Mollerup Sparekasse Futop Clearing Centre The Fynske Bank A S G P Borsmaglerselskab A S Glitnir Bank Global Evolution Fondsmaeglerselskab A S Grundfos Holding A S Gudme Raaschou Eu High Yield Gudme Raaschou Health Care Gudme Raaschou Invest A S Gudme Raaschou Investment Bank Gudme Raaschou Nordic Alpha Gudme Raaschou Selection Gudme Raaschou Us High Yield Hals Sparekasse Handelsbanken Hemonto A S Henton Borsmaeglerselskab A S Hp Fondsmaeglerselskab A S Hunstrup Oesterild Sparekasse Hvidbjerg Bank Aktieselskab Id Sparinvest Inpay A S Invest Administration A S Investering And Tryghed A S Investeringsforeningen Ms Investvalue Aktier Investeringsforeningen Nordea Invest Aktier Investeringsforeningen Nordea Invest Aktier Ii Investeringsforeningen Nordea Invest Danmark Investeringsforeningen Nordea Invest Emerging Markets Investeringsforeningen Nordea Invest Europa Investeringsforeningen Nordea Invest Europa Small Cap Investeringsforeningen Nordea Invest Fjerneoesten Investeringsforeningen Nordea Invest Fonde Investeringsforeningen Nordea Invest Global Teknologi Investeringsforeningen Nordea Invest Global Vaekst Investeringsforeningen Nordea Invest Globale Aktier Indeks Investeringsforeningen Nordea Invest Globale Obligationer Investeringsforeningen Nordea Invest Health Care Investeringsforeningen Nordea Invest Indien Investeringsforeningen Nordea Invest Japan Investeringsforeningen Nordea Invest Kina Investeringsforeningen Nordea Invest Korte Obligationer Investeringsforeningen Nordea Invest Korte Obligationer Privat Investeringsforeningen Nordea Invest Lange Obligationer Privat Investeringsforeningen Nordea Invest Latinamerika Investeringsforeningen Nordea Invest Mellemlange Obligationer Pension Investeringsforeningen Nordea Invest Mellemlange Obligationer Privat Investeringsforeningen Nordea Invest Nordic Small Cap Investeringsforeningen Nordea Invest Nordon Investeringsforeningen Nordea Invest Oest Europa Investeringsforeningen Nordea Invest Portfolie Danmark Investeringsforeningen Nordea Invest Special European High Yield Bond Investeringsforeningen Nordea Invest Special Europaeiske Aktier Fokus Investeringsforeningen Nordea Invest Special Formueforvaltning Obligationer Investeringsforeningen Nordea Invest Special Global Value Investeringsforeningen Nordea Invest Stabil Aktier Investeringsforeningen Nordea Invest Stabil Balanceret Investeringsforeningen Nordea Invest Usa Investeringsforeningen Nordea Invest Verden Investeringsforeningen Nordea Invest Virksomhedsobligationer Investeringsforeningen Nordea Invest Engros Korte Obligationer Investeringsforeningen Nordea Invest Engros Mellemlange Obligationer Investeringsforeningen Nordea Investbasis 1 Investeringsforeningen Nordea Investbasis 2 Investeringsforeningen Nordea Investbasis 3 Investeringsforeningen Nordea Investbasis 4 Investeringsforeningen Nordea Investengros Absolute Return Equities Investeringsforeningen Nordea Investengros Absolute Return Equities Ii Investeringsforeningen Nordea Investengros Absolute Return Equities Ii Etisk Valg Investeringsforeningen Nordea Investengros Corporate Bonds Investeringsforeningen Nordea Investengros Euro Investment Grade Investeringsforeningen Nordea Investengros Europaeiske Aktier Investeringsforeningen Nordea Investengros Global High Yield Investeringsforeningen Nordea Investengros Internationale Aktier Investeringsforeningen Nordea Investengros Internationale Aktier Etisk Valg Investeringsforeningen Nordea Investengros Obligationer Investeringsforeningen Nordea Investglobale Aktier Fokus Investeringsforeningen Nordea Investkapitalsikring Investeringsforeningen Nordea Investklima Og Miljoe Investeringsforeningen Nordea Investkorte Obligationer 2 Investeringsforeningen Nordea Investlange Obligationer Investeringsforeningen Nordea Investportefolie Aktier Investeringsforeningen Nordea Investportefolie Eksterne Afdelinger Investeringsforeningen Nordea Investportefolie Emerging Markets Og Asien Investeringsforeningen Nordea Investportefolie Korte Obligationer Investeringsforeningen Nordea Investportefolie Lange Obligationer Investeringsforeningen Nordea Investportefolie Usa Og Europa Investeringsforeningen Nordea Investportefolie Verden Investeringsforeningen Nordea Investportefolie Verdens Obligationsmarkeder Investeringsforeningen Nordea Investverdens Obligationsmarkeder Investeringsforeningen Nordea Portefolie Flex Investeringsforeningen Pfa Invest Investeringsforvalltningsselskabet Sebinvest A S Iss A S Jak Andelskasse Varde Jelling Sparekasse Jpmorgan Europe Limited Uk Copenhagen Filial Juristernes Og Oekonomernes Pensionkasse Jutlander Bank A S Jyske Bank A S Klim Sparekasse Kobenhavns Andelskasse Kommunekredit Kongeriget Danmarks Hypotekbank Kosmopolitex Bankers Trust K S Kreditbanken A S Laegernes Pensionsbank Lan And Spar Bank A S Landbrugets Finansieringsbank Langa Sparekasse Lego System A S Leo Pharma A S Lind Capital A S Lind Capital Fondsmaeglerselskab A S Lollands Bank A S Lpi High Yield Globale Lpi Indeksobligationer Lpi Indeksobligationer Ii Lr Realkredit A S Lunde Kvong Andelskasse Maj Af 29 August 2014 A S Maj Bank A S Maj Invest A S Markedskraft Danmark Filial Af Markedskraft Asa Norge Merkur Den Almennyttige Andelskasse Middelfart Sparekasse Midtinvest Investeringsforvaltning A S Moens Bank A S Mp Pension Ne Fondsmaeglerselskab A S Ne Capital Management A S Nets Denmark A S Ni Portefolje Globale Aktier Strategi Kl Ni Portefolje Pbpm Danske Obligationer Kl Ni Portefolje Pbpm Globale Aktier Fokus Kl Ni Portfolie Pbpm Obligationer Kl Ni Portfolje Pbpm Balance Kl Nie Emerging Market Bonds Nordea Bank Danmark A S Nordea Finans Danmark A S Nordea Invest Bolig 2 Nordea Invest Emerging Stars Nordea Invest Fund Management A S Nordea Invest Hoejrentelande Nordea Invest Kommune I Nordea Invest Kommune Ii C O Investeringsforeningen Nordea Invest Obligationer Nordea Invest Special C O Investeringsforeningen Nordea Invest Stabile Aktier Akkumulerende Nordea Invest Virksomhedsobligationer Hoejrente Nordea Investment Management Ab Denmark Branch Nordfyns Bank Nordic Asset Management Fondsmaeglerselskab A S Nordjyske Bank A S Nordnet Bank Northern Rock Bank Danmark Novozymes A S Nykredit A S Nykredit Am Nykredit Bank A S Nykredit Portfolio O W Bunker And Trading A S Oresundsbro Konsortiet I S Ostjydsk Bank A S P H Borsmaeglerselskab Pen Sam Bank A S Pensam Liv Forsikringsaktieselskab Pensiondanmark Pfa Bank A S Pfa Kapitalforvaltning Pfa Pension P H Borsmaeglerselskab A S Placeringsforeningen Profil Invest Realdania Realkredit Danmark Refsnaes Sparekasse Ringkjobing Landbobank A S Rise Spare Og Laanekasse Ronde Og Omegns Sparekasse Ryomgaard Og Omegns Sparekasse Salling Bank A S Santander Consumer Bank As Denmark Saxo Bank A S Saxo Payments A S Saxo Privatbank Skandia Skandinavisk Data Center A S Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken Former Seb A S Skjern Bank Soeby Skader Halling Sparekasse Soenderhaa Hoersted Sparekasse Spar Nord Bank A S Sparekassen Balling Sparekassen Bredebro Sparekassen Den Lille Bikube Sparekassen Djursland Sparekassen For Noerre Nebel Og Omegn Sparekassen Fyn A S Sparekassen Kronjylland Sparekassen Midtdjurs Sparekassen Nordmors Sparekassen Ravsted Sparekassen Sjaelland Sparekassen Spar Mors Sparekassen Thy Sparekassen Vendsyssel Steffen Ronn Fondsmaeglerselskab A S Svendborg Sparekasse Swedbank Ab Swiss Re Denmark Reinsurance A S Sydbank A S Sydinvest Administration A S Tdc A S The Danish Emission Trading Registry The Royal Bank Of Scotland Plc Denmark Formerly Known As Rbs Nv Top Danmark Forsikring A S Top Danmark Livsforsikring A S Top Danmark Livsforsikring V A S Topdanmark Link Livsforsikring A S Totalbanken A S Totalkredit A S Tryg A S Unipension Fondsmaeglerselskap A S Vestas Wind Systems A S Vestjysk Bank Vistoft Sparekasse Vp Securities A S Wealth Management Fondsmaeglerselskab A S Alfred Berg Fondsmaeglerselskab A S Carnegie Bank A S Diba Bank A S Fjordbank Mors Af 2011 A Fs Bank A S Max Bank Af 2011 A S Sparekassen Lolland A S Sparinvest Fondsmaeglerselskab A S Brfkredit Bank A S Danske Invest Administration A S Den Lille Sparekasse Sparekassen Himmerland A S Sparekassen Hobro Sparekassen I Skals Sparekassen Logumkloster Sparekassen Midt Vest Sparekassen Midtfjord Sparekassen Sundsoere Vokslev Sogns Spare Og Laanekasse Vorbasse Hejnsvig Sparekasse Vordingborg Bank A S

Swift Codes in Denmark

SWIFT code contains eight(8) to eleven(11) characters. Primary office SWIFT codes contains eight(8) characters. Branch office SWIFT codes contains eleven(11) characters. The above list is the currently available data of SWIFT / BIC list in Denmark.

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