SWIFT codes in Russia - BIC Codes of All Banks

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Find SWIFT Codes and other relevent details of Banks and Branches in Russia

First select your Country, select the Bank, now select your City and finally select the branch of your bank to find SWIFT Code. If you need to change any search list term, please use Refresh Icons.

SWIFT Enabled Banks List in Russia

The following are the Banks, in Russia has SWIFT enabled branch / branches. Select an individual Bank link to view list of cities, where the perticular bank has branch / branches. If you have any problem to locate the Bank, please use search box. Some bank name may be misspelled, and may arise difficulty to find from this list. So, there is a All countries list in the menu. Some banks name may start with the word 'THE'. View carefully and find your branch.

Ab Oao Kuznetskbiznesbank Abb Bank Absolut Bank Ac Bank Accent Accept Cb Oao Adamon Bank Agricultural Bank Of China Moscow Limited Agrokhim Bank Agrosoyuz Bank Ak Bars Bank Akb Volgo Don Bank Akkobank Oao Aktiv Bank Aktsionemy Joint Stock Public Company Alef Bank Aleksandrovsky Bank Alfa Capital Alfa Bank Aljba Alliance Almazergienbank Alta Bank Zao Altayenergobank American Express Bank Llc Andjibank Ao Bank Of Tokyo Mitsubishi Ufj Eurasia Ao Cb Ivanovo Ao Citibank Moscow Ao Commercial Investment Bank Euroalliance Ao Cra Express Volga Ao Mizuho Bank Moscow Ao M Reestr Ao Raiffeisenbank Ao Vocbank Apabank Arbat Bank Commercial Bank Ltd Aresbank Arxbank Jsc Asia Bank Asia Invest Bank Jsc Asian Pacific Bank Asia Pacific Bank Ao Askold Bank Oao Assotsiatsiya Bank Atb Bank Aton Aton Investment Company Avangard Bank Avers Bank Avtogradbank Avtotorgbank Ooo Avtovazbank Public Joint Stock Company Azimut Bank B And N Bank Public Joint Stock Company B And N Bank Credit Cards Closed Joint Stock Company Baikalinvestbank Oao Balakovo Bank Oao Baltiyskiy Bank Baltkredobank Kb Ooo Banca Intesa Bank Agroros Zao Bank Anelik Ru Bank Basmanny Bank Bcc Moscow Bank Eefc Ural Ao Bank Elita Bank Fininvest Limited Liability Company Bank Finservice Jsc Bank For Innovation And Development Bank Gpb Mortgage Jsc Bank Icbc Jsc Bank Idm Pjsc Bank Informprogress Bank Jsc Mma Bank Kaluga Bank Khovanskiy Bank Kitezh Bank Levoberezhny Pjsc Bank Majskij Bank Moskva Bank Nalchik Bank National Clearing Centre Joint Stock Company Bank Neyva Bank Of America N A Moscow Bank Of China Eluosi Bank Of Kazan Kber Ooo Bank Of Moscow Bank Of Region Development Bank Of The Development Of Technologies Commercial Bank Bank Orange Llc Bank Otkritie Financial Corporation Public Joint Stock Company Bank Pervomaisky Pjsc Bank Prime Finance Bank Prohladny Limited Liability Company Bank Ratibor Ltd Bank Reso Credit Bank Rossiya Bank Rossiysky Kapital Bank Round Llc Bank Rrdb Jsc Bank Saint Petersburg Pjsc Bank Service Reserve Joint Stock Company Bank Sir Bank Sofrino Ao Bank Solidarnost Bank Soyuz Bank Stariy Kreml Bank Troika Bank Ucb Bank United Capital Bank Ural Fd Bank Venets Bank Voronezh Bank Zenit Sochi Bank Zerich Bankhaus Erbe Bashcomsnabbank Bashinvestbank Bashkomsnabbank Akb Oao Bcs Bank Belgorodpromstrojbank Belgorodsocbank Best Efforts Bank Pjsc Bezhitsa Bank Oao Bfa Bank Bfg Credit Bank Bmw Bank Ooo Bnp Paribas Bank Jsc Moscow Branch West Siberian Of Khanty Mansiysk Bank Otkritie Pjsc Bratsky Narodny Bank Jsc British American Tobacco Russia Limited Brokercreditservice Company Llc Brunswick Russia Jersey Limited Bst Bank Bulgar Bank Zao Business And Culture Development Bank Business Moscow Joint Stock Bank Bystrobank Capital Kredit Ltd Cb Gt Bank Llc Cb Akropol Ao Cb Alternativa Cb B2b Cb Deltacredit Cb Ds Bank Ltd Cb Euro Asian Investment Bank Llc Cb Interregional Post Bank Cb J P Morgan Bank International Llc Cb Kuban Credit Ltd Cb Mikhaylovsky Pzhsb Cb Moskommertsbank Cb Novopokrovskij Llc Cb Puls Stolitsy Cb Rial Credit Ltd Cb Rosprombank Co Ltd Cb Rusregionbank Jsc Cb Vityaz Ltd Cb Yarbank Limited Cbi Entuziastbank Ooo Center Invest Cb Central Bank Of Russian Federation Central Commercial Bank Centralnaya Registratura Oao Centreinvest Securities Ooo Centrokredit Bank Cetelem Bank Cfc Bank Chelindbank Chelyabcomzem Bank Chelyabinvestbank Chuvashcreditprombank Pao City Invest Bank Cjsc Bank Credit Suisse Moscow Cjsc British American Tobacco Spb Cjsc International Tobacco Marketing Services Closed Joint Stock Company Housing Finance Bank Closed Joint Stock Company Bank Bereit Coalmetbank Combank Arzamas Commercial Agroindustrial Bank Of Stary Oskol Ooo Commercial Bank Arsenal Commercial Bank Bankirsky Dom Commercial Bank Boom Bank Society With Limited Liability Commercial Bank Building Industry Stroyindbank Commercial Bank Dzerzhinsky Ooo Commercial Bank Fdb Limited Liability Company Commercial Bank Federal Deposit Bank Ltd Commercial Bank Geobank Commercial Bank Globus Commercial Bank Kauri Commercial Bank Khlynov Commercial Bank Kholmsk Closed Joint Stock Company Commercial Bank Lanta Bank Commercial Bank Maima Ltd Commercial Bank Maxima Ooo Commercial Bank Mezhregionbank Ooo Commercial Bank National Industrial Bank Zao Commercial Bank Nevastroyinvest Limited Liability Company Commercial Bank New Time Commercial Bank Obrazovanie Commercial Bank Of Development Limited Liability Company Commercial Bank Rba Limited Liability Company Commercial Bank Rostov Universal Commercial Bank Russian Regional Bank Zao Commercial Bank Sibirgazbank Ao Commercial Bank Star Alliance Limited Commercial Bank Stroylesbank Limited Commercial Bank Summit Bank Open Joint Stock Company Commercial Bank Tulsky Promyshlennik Oao Commercial Bank Uralliga Commercial Bank Vrb Llc Commercial Bank Yaroslavich Ao Commercial Bank Zhilcredit Llc Commercial Indo Bank Llc Commerzbank Eurasija Sao Confidencebank Constans Bank Jsc Cor Joint Stock Commercial Bank Corporate Finance Bank Credit Agricole Cib Ao Credit Bank Of Moscow Open Joint Stock Company Credit Europe Bank Ltd Credit Union Payment Center Credit Ural Bank Joint Stock Company Creditinvest Credit Moscow Bank Credprombank Crocusbank Crosna Bank Crossinvestbank Joint Stock Bank Dagestan Cbsd Ooo Dalrybbank Far Eastern Joint Stock Commercial Bank Of Fisheries Danske Bank Russia Deal Bank Ooo Defence Industrial Bank Denizbank Moscow Jsc Derzhava Pjscb Deutsche Bank Ooo Development Capital Bank Dig Bank Dolinsk Bank Donbank Donskoj Narodnyj Bank Dresdner Kleinwort Benson 000 Eco Invest Economic Union Bank Economics Bank Ekaterinburg Bank El Bank Commercheskij Bank Ooo Elbin Bank Energobank Energomashbank Plc Energotransbank Energy Business Enisey Public Company Jscb Enobank Ergobank Llc Esidbank Etalonbank Euroaxis Bank Joint Stock Commercial Bank Eurocitybank Eurocredit Commercial Bank Ltd Liability Company Europiean Standart Commercial Bank Europlan Bank Eurosib Bank Evrazholding Evrofinance Mosnarbank Evroraschyot Bank Evrosoyuz Eximbank Of Russia Expert Bank Expobank Llc Express Bank Express Credit Bank Far Eastern Bank Federal Bank Of Development Joint Stock Commercial Bank Fia Bank Finam Bank Finance Business Bank Llc Financial Credit Bank Financial Standard Commercial Bank Limited Finansovo Promyshlenyi Kapital Finansovyj Kapital Finars Bank Cjsc Finnet Service Finprombank First Czech Russian Bank Llc First Dortransbank First Investment Bank Zao Fitch Ratings Cis Limited Moscow Branch Flexinvestbank Flora Moscow Oao Fora Bank Ao Forbank Commercial Bank Oao Foreign Economic Industrial Bank Forus Bank Zao Fundservicebank Ojsc Garanti Bank Moscow Ao Cb Garant Invest Bank Gazbank Zao Akb Gazenergobank Oao Gazneftbank Gazprombank Joint Stock Company Gazstroybank Open Joint Stock Company Commercial Bank Gefest Bank Ltd Gelendjik Bank Globexbank Gold Platinum Bank Grand Invest Bank Jsc Greencombank Gris Bank Hbrd Bank Hcf Bank Holdinvestbank Hsbc Bank Rr Ooo Ibdit Ltd Idea Bank Ik Veles Capital Llc Imoneybank Inbank Industrial Agricultural Bank Limited Industrial Agricultural Bank Limited Promselhozbank Ltd Industrial Development Bank Ooo Industrial Energy Bank Industrial Savings Bank Ing Bank Eurasia Jsc Inkakhran Nko Ao Inkarobank Inresbank Instroybank Ltd Intechbank Interactive Bank Interbank Credit Union Intercommerz Commercial Bank Intercoopbank Scb Intercredit Zao International Accounting Bank International Bank For Economic Co Operation International Bank Of Development International Bank Of St Petersburg Plc International Commercial And Industrial Bank International Commercial Bank International Construction Bank International Fund Bank International Investment Bank International Joint Stock Bank International Money Transfers Leader Interprogressbank Interprombank Interregional Clearing Centre Interstate Bank Interstate Clearing Bank Intertrustbank Cb Ltd Investcapitalbank Investment Bank Vesta Limited Liability Company Investment Commercial Bank Development Yarinterbank Ooo Investment Company Ricom Trust Zao Investment Company Troika Dialog Zao Investment Cooperative Bank Jsc Investment Republic Bank Llc Investment Trade Bank Pjsc Investment Commercial Bank Olma Bank Limited Liability Company Investsocbank Ooo Ipoteka Invest Bank Iron Bank Irs Bank Isbank Joint Stock Company Iturup Bank Ooo Ivanovskij Oblastnoj Bank Ivy Bank Joint Stock Company J And T Bank Ao Jivago Bank Joint Stock Bank Of Social Development Of Tatarstan Tatsotsbank Joint Stock Commercial Bank Lesobank Joint Stock Commercial Bank Rosinterbank Joint Stock Commercial Bank Tender Bank Ao Joint Stock Company Bbr Bank Joint Stock Company Commercial Bank Forebank Joint Stock Company Otp Bank Joint Stock Company Small Business Assistance Bank Joint Stock Bank Capital Joint Stock Bank Yug Investbank Joint Stock Company Joint Stock Commercial Bank Agropromcredit Joint Stock Commercial Bank Terra Joint Stock Company Joint Stock Commercial Export Import Bank Joint Stock Company Commercial Bank Cosmos Joint Stock Company International Bank For Finances And Investments Joint Stock Company North Western Investment Bank United Capital Joint Stock Investment Commercial Bank Eniseisk United Bank Ltd Jsb Aspect Bank Jsb Devon Credit Jsb Rosevrobank Jsc Jsc Bank Master Capital Jsc Cdbbank Jsc Econombank Jsc Genbank Jsc International Merchant Bank Jsc Ircol Jsc Koshelev Bank Jsc M2m Private Bank Jsc Mc Bank Rus Jsc Miraf Bank Jsc Nordea Bank Jsc Pervobank Jsc Rosselkhozbank Jsc Russian Bank For Small And Medium Enterprises Support Jsc Russtroybank Jsc Smartbank Jsc Sumitomo Mitsui Rus Bank Jsc Trade City Bank Jsc Troika D Bank Jsc Vtb Bank Jsc Vtb Capital Jscb Forshtadt Jscb Moscow Industrial Bank Pc Jscb Nash Dom Jscb Yapi Kredi Bank Moscow Jsc Jscib Kurgan Jsicb Tatfondbank Kama Commercial Bank Kamchatka Ooo Kommercheskij Bank Kamchatkomagroprombank Pjsc Kamskiy Gorizont Kapitalbank Kaskad Kb Ketovskij Kb Psib Ooo Kedr Pjsc Cb Khakas Municipal Bank Co Ltd Khanty Mansiysk Bank Otkritie Pjsc Formerly Otkritie Bank Jsc Kit Finance Ltd Klientsky Bank Koltso Urala Kb Ooo Korea Exchange Bank Rus Kostromaselkombank Krainiy Server Bank Kranbank Zao Krayinvestbank Kremlyovskiy Commercial Bank Ltd Krona Bank Krylovsky Bank Ks Bank Kubanskij Universalnyj Bank Kubantorgbank Zao Kurskprombank Oao Kuzbasshimbank Kuznetsky Branch Of The Savings Bank Kuznetsky Most Bank Lc Cbca Legion Jscb Legprombank Commercial Bank Lenstroymaterialy Brokerage Ao Leto Bank Open Joint Stock Company Limited Liability Company Barclays Capital Limited Liability Company Commercial Bank El Bank Limited Liability Company Depositary And Corporate Technologies Limited Liability Company Moscow Investment Bank Dalena Limited Liability Company Of Commercial Bank Rostfinance Lipetskcombank Pjsc Lipetskoblbank Ll Promtransbank Llc Cb Aksonbank Llc Cb Kredit Express Llc Cb Razvitie Commercial Bank Razvitie Limited Liability Company Llc China Construction Bank Llc Credit Suisse Securities Moscow Llc Lloyds Tsb Not Part Of The Lloyds Banking Group Plc Llc Ricb Rinvestbank Llc Zemsky Bank Lls South Regional Bank Locko Bank Logos Ooo Long Term Credit Bank Maksimum Maritime Bank Maritime Bank Branch Of Kaliningrad Mass Media Bank Mcb Dom Bank Mcmb Llc Mdm Bank Public Joint Stock Company Medinvestbank Mercedes Benz Bank Rus Metallurg Commercial Bank Ltd Metallurgical Commercial Bank Jsc Metkombank Metrobank Metropol Bank Ltd Mezhtopenergobank Mezhtorgbank Zao Mfbank Ooo Micex Volga Region Zao Micex Far East Regional Exchange Center Miko Bank Milbank Ltd Commercial Bank Millenium Bank Mip Bank Mobis Module Cis Llc Mobis Parts Cis Llc Mordovsotsbank Morgan Stanley Bank Morskoi Commercial Bank Of Kaliningrad Moscow Bill Bank Moscow Central Depository Oao Moscow Central Stock Exchange Moscow Clearing Centre Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange Micex Moscow National Investment Bank Moscow Neftechemical Bank Oao Moscow Paris Bank Moscowsko Uralsky Joint Stock Commercial Bank Joint Stock Company Moskovskiy Filial Oao Kb Forbank Moskva City Bank Oao Mosoblbank Mosoblinvestbank Mti Bank Mts Bank Municipal Bank Of Novosibirsk Municipal Kamchatprofitbank Zao Municipalnyj Kommercheskij Bank Murmansk Social Commercial Bank Oao Murmansk Transfer Centre Mvs Bank Nadezhnost Zascb Oao Nadyozhnyj Bank Narodny Doveritelny Bank National Bank Of Mutual Credit National Bank Trust National Clearing Bank National Corporate Bank National Factoring Company Cjsc National Investment Bank National Land Industrial Bank National Registry Company The National Reserve Bank National Settlement Depository National Settlement Depository Depository Office National Standard Bank Natixis Bank Jsc Natsinvestprombank Nbco Brinks Nbd Bank Nbk Bank Nco Western Union Mt East Ltd Necklace Bank Ooo Nefteprombank Neftyanoy Alliance Jscb Network Clearing House Nevsky Bank New Credit Union Bank New Industrial Bank New Moscow Bank New Symbol Bank Zao Nizhnevolzhsky Commercial Bank Nizhny Novgorod Social Commercial Bank Guarantee Nk Bank Nkb Nokssbank Non Banking Credit Organization 21 Vek Limited Liability Company North Credit Bank North West 1 Alliance Bank Novahovcapitalbank Closed Joint Stock Company Novikombank Novobank Novokib Ltd Novopokrovskij Novyj Vek Bank Ns Bank Nzbank Oao Akb Novatsiya Oao Akb Stella Bank Oao Commercial Bank Industrial Development Bank Oao Commercial Bank Ussuri Oao Credit Moscow Bank Oao Join Stock Siberian Oil Bank Oao Nizhny Novgorod Commercial Bank Radiotehbank Oao Share City Bank Taganrogbank Oao Specialized Depositary Infinitum Oao Spiritbank Oao Tagilbank Oao Uralprombank Objedinyonnyj Bank Respubliki Obshij Bank The Joint Stock Commercial Bank Ocean Bank Ojsc Baikalbank Ojsc Bank Kuznetsky Ojsc Bank Orenburg Ojsc Cb Verhnevolzhsky Ojsc Conservative Commercial Bank Ojsc Jscb International Financial Club Ojsc Mvkb Okhabank Ooo Ooo Atoh Ooo Cb Megapolice Ooo Cb Preodolenie Ooo Cbi Sudkombank Ooo Goldman Sachs Ooo Goldman Sachs Bank Ooo Kb Altaykapitalbank Ooo Mejprombank Plus Ooo Merrill Lynch Securities Ooo National Commercial Bank Ooo Ubs Bank Open Joint Stock Company Commercial Bank Torzhokuniversalbank Open Joint Stock Company Guta Bank Open Joint Stock Company Rbs Not Part Of The Royal Bank Of Scotland Group Plc Or Affiliates Open Joint Stock Company Sauber Bank Open Joint Stock Company Nerungribank Opm Bank Orgbank Interbank Association Orient Express Bank Otkritie Brokerage House Jsc Pao Bank Onego Payment Clearing House Close Corporation The Peresvet Bank Perviy Klientskiy Bank Pervouralskbank Jsc Petersburg Settlement Center Zao Petersburg Social Commercial Bank Petersburgs City Bank Inc Pfc Bank Pir Bank Llc Pjsc Akibank Pjsc B And N Bank Smolensk Pjsc Baltinvestbank Pjsc Bank Ekaterininsky Pjsc Bank Jugra Pjsc Doncombank Pjsc Eurasian Bank Pjsc Inter Rao Pjsc Mjsb Tempbank Pjsc Moscombank Pjsc Norvik Bank Pjsc Ok Bank Pjsc Rosbank Pjsc Tomskpromstroybank Platina Bank Plus Bank Oao Poidem Bank Premier Credit Bank Inc Premier Mcb Zao Prikamye Commercial Bank Ao Primorye Akb Oao Primsotsbank Primtercombank Ooo Print Bank Prio Vneshtorgbank Prisco Capital Bank Zao Private Holding Bank Ltd Commercial Bank Procommercebank Professional Credit Bank Ltd Profit Bank Proinvestbank Promavtobank Commercial Bank Promenergobank Oao Promfinservis Bank Prominvestbank Promsvyazbank Pjsc Promyshlenny Regionalny Bank Prospect Investment Company Psb Bank Ojsc Public Bank Public Joint Stock Company Oil Company Lukoil Public Joint Stock Company Interregional Industrial And Construction Bank Qiwi Bank Joint Stock Company Rainascence Bank Rakb Donhlebbank Oao Rapida Ltd Raschetno Kreditny Bank Raschetnyj Dom Ooo Kommercheskij Bank Red Gates Bank Reestr A Plus Region Bank Regional Credit Regional Credit Bank Ojsc Cb Regional Exchange Center Micex South Regionfinancebank Registar Nicoil Company Jsk Registrar Communication Jsc Registratsionno Depozitarniy Tsentr Paritet Regnum Bank Renaissance Broker Limited Renaissance Capital Asset Management Company Renaissance Capital Zao Renaissance Credit Commercial Bank Ooo Republic Credit Alliance Commercial Bank Republic Reserve Bank Rfa Bank Rfc Bank Rfi Bank Riabank Rink Bank Joint Stock Bank Ritz Bank Ltd Rn Bank Rosavtobank Cb Ltd Rosbank Volga Zao Rosbusinessbank Oao Arkb Rosdorbank Rosenergobank Rosgosstrakh Bank Roslavisky Joint Stock Commercial Bank Smolevich Opened Joint Stock Company Rosneft Rost Bank Rostpromstroybank Royal Bank Of Scotland Zao Royal Credit Bank Rsi Bank Rtbk Llc Rts Bank Rublev Bank Runa Bank Jscb Runetbank Zao Rusbsbank Rusnarbank Russian Commercial And Industrial Bank Russian Elite Bank Commercial Bank Russian Exchange Russian Finance Society Russian International Bank Russian Mortgage Bank Russian Registry Of Carbon Units Russian Standard Bank Russian Trust Bank Russita Bank International Commercial Investment Bank Russky Generalny Bank Russky Natzionalny Bank Russobank Rusuniversalbank Ooo Rusyugbank Oao Rye Man And Gor Securities Saint Petersburg Currency Exchange Zao Sakha Diamond Bank Ao Samara Currency Interbank Exchange Oao Samsung Electronics Rus Company Saratov Regional Commercial Bank For Social Sphereconto Sarovbusinessbank Sberbank Sberbank Baikalsky Head Office Sberbank Dalnevostochny Head Office Sberbank Severo Zapadny Head Office Sberbank Srednerussky Head Office Sberbank Cib Scb Metallinvestbank Sdm Bank Pjsc Seb Bank Selmashbank Cra Settlement Depository Company Severinvestbank Severny Narodny Bank Sevzapinvestprombank Siab Oao Sibbrok Siberian Economic Bank Siberian Stock Exchange Sibes Oao Municzipalnyj Kommercheskij Bank Sibsocbank Simbirsk Sinergiya Bank Sinko Bank Ltd Sistema Commercial Bank Skb Bank Sks Bank Llc Moscow Slavia Bank Slavyanbank Slavyanski Credit Bank Smp Bank Snezhinskiy Bank Jsc Sobinbank Socbank Sochi Socium Bank Limited Liability Company Sodruzhestvo Bank Oao Sokolovsky Bank Solid Bank Solid Investment And Financial Company Solidarity Bank Sotsinvestbank Sovcombank Soveren Bank Cjsc Sovetsky Bank Zao Sovlink Ooo Soyuznyj Ooo Spartak Bank Specstroybank Spetsinvest Bank Spurt Bank St Petersburg Stock Exchange Zao Stal Bank Llc Starbank Stavropolpromstrojbank Stock Commercial Bank Agrocredbank Zao Strategy Bank Strojvestbank Surgut Central Combank Surgutneftegasbank Sva Cb Jsc Sviaz Bank Taatta Ab Zao Taidon Bank Ooo Tambovkreditprombank Tandembank Tarkhany Regional Bank Oao Taskbank Tat Invest Bank Tatagroprombank Tavrichesky Bank Tembr Bank Oao Texbank The Bank For Social Development Reserv Joint Stock Company The Bank Iba Moscow Llc The First Express Bank Time Bank Timer Bank Pjsc Tinkoff Bank Tkb Capital Cjsc Togliattikhimbank Toyota Bank Trade City Bank Trade Finance Bank Transkapitalbank Transstroibank Joint Stock Commercial Bank Joint Stock Company Tsentralno Chernozemny Branch Of Joint Stock Commercial Bank Investbank Open End Jsc Tveruniversalbank Tyumenprofbank Udmurtinvestbuildbank Ufc Bank Pjsc Uniastrum Bank Unicredit Bank Ao Unifinbank Unistream Commercial Bank United Registerholding Company United Reserve Bank United Settlement System Nbco Jsc Ural Bank Of Reconstruction And Development Ural Inter Regional Bank Ural Trust Bank Uralcapitalbank Uralfinprombank Uralprivatbank Urals Regional Currency Exchange Uralsib Bank Uraltransbank Oao Vcabank Oao Vega Bank Vek Jscb Viking Vitabank Pjsc Vladbiznesbank Zao Vladivostok Russia Stock Exchange Vladprombank Llc Vlbank Vnesheconombank Vneshfinbank Volgoinvestbank Volgo Kamsky Bank Volkswagen Bank Rus Vologdabank Vologzhanin Bank Ao Vostokkreditbank Oao Vostsibtranskombank Oao Vozrozhdenie Bank Vtb 24 Pjsc Vuz Bank Oao Vvnb Vw Group Rus Vyborg Bank Pjsc Vzaimodeystvie Wellton Bank West Siberian Commercial Bank Oao Westinterbank Yandex Money Nbco Llc Yar Bank Ltd Yarmarochnyi Bank Yaroslavl Joint Stock Credprombank Open Joint Sto Ck Company Yarsotsbank Jsc Ymk Bank Yoshkar Ola Bank Yuzhny Region Cb Zao Barentsbank Zao Beldorbank Zao Citigroup Global Markets Zao Commercial Bank Tetrapolis Zao Deutsche Securities Zao Ngab Ermak Zao Sberinvestbank Zao Woori Bank Zarechye Bank Zemcombank Zenit Bank Ziraat Bank Moscow Zlatcombank Zlatcombank Jsc Abm Bank Ltd Admiralteisky Cb Ltd Af Bank Agroinkombank Ak Bars Bank Oao Amb Bank Jsc Art Bank Auerbank B2b Bank Bank Bft Bank Eastcom Finance Bank Investbank Central Branch Bank Jugra Bank Of Khanty Mansiysk Oao Bank Of Saving And Credit Bank Of Settlements And Savings Bank Westlb Vostok Zao Bank T Bank24 Ru Oao Bta Kazan Bank Chelyabcomzembank Cjsc Ge Money Bank Cjsc Ubs Nominees Commercial Bank Mast Bank Joint Stock Company Commercial Bank Maximum Commercial Bank Regional Savings Bank Commercial Bank Sovincom Consolidated Assets Creditimpex Bank Dagenergobank Depository Clearing Company Doninvest Commercial Bank Doris Bank Ltd East European Bank For Reconstruction And Development East European Trust Bank Econombank Zao Ecoprombank Joint Stock Commercial Bank Ellips Bank Euromet Bank European Industrial Bank Eurotrust Cb Zao Evropeisky Investment Commercial Bank First Republic Bank Oao Gagarinsky Bank Zao Gazprombank Open Joint Stock Company Gran Branch Of Investbank Akb Oao Hansacombank Open Joint Stock Company Idealbank Ing Bank Eurasia Zao Interbanking Payment Center Ltd Intrustbank Joint Stock Commercial Bank Invest Ecobank Ooo Investbank Akb Oao Investtradebank Ojsc Jscb Benefit Bank Just Bank Limited Liability Company Kazanskiy Bank Oao Keep Bank Kit Finance Investment Bank Kontrast Bank Commercial Bank Limited Liability Company Lada Credit Bank Lesbank Oao Akb Lesprombank Lightbank Link Bank Ltd Liability Company Commer Bank Hellenic Bank Mak Bank Ooo Master Bank Oao My Bank Ltd National Business Development Bank Open Joint Stock Company National Republic Bank Nomos Bank Nomos Regiobank Ojsc Non Banking Credit Institution Euroinvest Limited Liability Society Nosta Bank Nota Bank Jsc Oao Dnb Bank Oao Swedbank Odinbank Ojsc Bank Narodniy Credit Ojsc Bank Petrocommerce Ojsc Bank Zapadny Ojsc Jscb Baltica Ojsc Nomos Bank Siberia Ojsc Promsvyazbank Open Joint Stock Company Rbs Prioritet Bank Probusinessbank Professional Bank Project Financing Bank Js Promsberbank Public Joint Stock Company Pacific Commercial Regional Bank For Foreign Trade Purpe Bank Pushkino Bank Regional Bank For Development Renaissance Finance Bank Llc Rosbank Oao Rossiyskiy Kredit Bank Russian Agricultural Bank Russian National Commercial Bank Russian Regional Development Bank Russky Slaviansky Bank Settlement Chamber Rts Siberian Business Development Bank Sibir Bank Smolensky Bank Ooo Moscow Branch Solidarnost Oao Kb Soyuz Oao Soyuzprombank Specsetstroybank Stroykredit Bank Oao Sudostroitelnyj Bank Sviaz Bank Oao Svyaznoy Bank Formerly Promtorgbank Test Cb Oao Trade Construction Bank Transcreditbank Jsc Transinvestbank Ooo Transnational Bank Commercial Bank Transportny Commercial Bank Limited Company Trust Capital Bank Tver Commercial Bank Kbc Ltd Unicor Kb United Bank Of Industrial Investments Universal Credit Open Joint Stock Commercial Bank Ural Clearing Center Uralsib Bank Oao Volga Credit Bank Oao Volgsky Socialniy Bank Zamoskvoretski Bank Zao Mosstroyekonombank Hypothekenbank Frankfurt Ag Ankor Bank Of Savings Bank Sgb Ojsc Himik Open Joint Stock Company Izhcombank Ao Mobilbank Oao Modern Standards Of Business Commercial Bank Llc Mostransbank Ao New Investment Commercial Orenburg Bank Of Industry Development Oao Rublevsky Commercial Bank Ooo Verhnevolzhskiy Cb Oao Volzhsky Universal Bank Oao Yug Investbank Oao Zernobank Commercial Bank Zao Adelantbank Admiralteisky Cb Aldangoldbank Joint Stock Bank Close Corporation Bank Tusar Bank Mbfi Bank Venets Jsc Bva Bank Cjsc Tyumenagroprombank Commercial Bank Investment Union Ltd Commercial Bank Mestny Credit Llc Commercial Bank Bogorodski Municipal Bank Limited Commercial Bank Consumer Finance Company Open Joint Stock Company Commercial Bank Priroda Llc Crossinvestbank Doncombank Eurocommerce Bank Fresco Bank Jsc Gorod Bank Zao Greenfieldbank Intercapital Bank International Science And Technology Center Investrustbank Open Joint Stock Company Joint Stock Company Dalta Bank Joint Stock Commercial Bank Novokuznetsk Municipal Bank Joint Stock Company Js Bank Perm Jscb Moscow Industrial Bank Jscb Russian Land Bank Kongress Bank Kreditbank Ojsc Lenoblbank Llc Cb European Express Ltd Cb Ogni Moscvy Mdm Bank Open Joint Stock Company Monolit Bank Llc Nash Dom Bank Navigator Bank Neva Construction And Investment Bank Limited Liability Company Non Banking Credit Organization Closed Joint Stock Company Migom Ojsc Saint Petersburg Exchange Olma Investment Company Online Bank Ooo Cb Akademrusbank Ooo Mib Dalena Public Corporation Commercial Bank For Social Development Bumerang Rinvestbank Rosswift Rostfinance Sinko Bank Ooo Svyaznoy Bank The Antalbank Cb Llc Trust Republic Bank Uralfinance Commercial Bank Vakobank Vtb 24 Jsc Formerly Transcreditbank Jsc Zao Russian Construction Bank Zao Miraf Bank

Swift Codes in Russia

SWIFT code contains eight(8) to eleven(11) characters. Primary office SWIFT codes contains eight(8) characters. Branch office SWIFT codes contains eleven(11) characters. The above list is the currently available data of SWIFT / BIC list in Russia.

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