Health Insurance

Health Insurance Guide

Health insurance is a medical insurance which covers the risk of your medical expenses. This insurance policy is contract between peoples and insurance company. Health insurance policy can helps in all severe emergencies to make safe and secure from bearing financial loss. It can covers an individual or entire family and giving income tax benefit under section 80 D. The coverage of health insurance is basic coverage, sickness, accident, specific health plans and critical illness plan.[...] read more

Personal Loan

Personal Loan Guide

Personal loan is not a secured loan which means it doesn’t need any collateral/security. It can be available for any personal use like expenditure of wedding, buying consumer durables and any purpose. The personal loan amount can be ranged from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 20 lakhs and repaying duration of loan varies from one to five years.[...] read more

Home Loan

Home Loan Guide

Home loan is a secured loan which is given by bank with some interest rates for personal or commercial properties. The main condition of borrowing home loan is the concern person must be ownership against property/security intended. Because, if the loan borrower left to pay back to the loan means bankers will retrieve balance amount by selling that property.[...] read more