Axis Bank Net Banking

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Axis Bank, the third largest private sector bank is bringing wonderful services to its customers to do banking from home.

With Axis Bank internet banking, it is simple to do banking anytime, anywhere.

How to Activate Axis Bank Net Banking

To activate net banking for the first time

  • Visit the official website of Axis Bank.
  • Click login >> First Time User >> Register.
  • Enter your customer Id (login Id), account number, registered mobile number and proceed.
  • Then enter your debit card number, its PIN and expiry date.
  • Choose Indian Rupee (INR) as the card currency and continue.
  • Now set the password of your choice. Enter the OTP sent to your registered mobile number to validate your password.
  • Soon a message confirms your successful password setting.
  • Now you can login to your account using the customer Id and the new password.

Transfer Money via Internet Banking

Through internet banking, you can transfer funds to

  • Your own account in Axis Bank
  • Another Axis Bank account holder
  • Other bank accounts

Transfer funds to your own Axis Bank account

  • Login in to your Axis Bank internet banking.
  • Select Payment >> Transfer Funds>> My Accounts>> Begin Payment.
  • Choose the debit account. Enter the amount to be transferred and continue.
  • A Net Secure Code will be delivered to your mobile number. Enter that code and the amount will be transferred.

Transfer funds to another Axis Bank account

Add a new Payee

  • Login to your internet banking.
  • Click Payments >> Transfer Funds >> Axis Bank Accounts >> Add New Payee.
  • Enter the name and nickname of the payee. You can add maximum of 3 payees a day.
  • Go to 'Register Payee For' and choose 'Other Axis Bank Accounts'. Enter the recipient's account number or registered mobile number.
  • Click 'Get Details' and proceed. Agree to the terms and conditions. Enter the received Net Secure Code.

To an existing payee

  • Select Payments >> Transfer Funds >> Axis Bank Accounts and choose the account of beneficiary.
  • Click 'Begin Payment'. Enter the amount and date. Next enter the received Net Secure Code to transfer money.

Money transfer to other bank accounts via IMPS/ NEFT

Adding a payee

  • Login to your account. Go to Payments >>Transfer Funds
  • Enter the name and nickname of the payee. Click Register Payee For >> Other Bank Accounts.
  • Enter the bank account and confirm it. Enter the IFSC Code, state and branch of the bank. Click 'Proceed'.
  • Accept the conditions; check the details and submit.
  • Enter the received Net Secure Code to process.

Transfer to an existing payee

  • Click Payments >> Transfer Funds >> Other Bank Accounts >> Begin Payment.
  • Select the account to be debited, payment type. Enter the date, amount and mode of payment (NEFT/ RTGS/ IMPS)
  • To process the transfer enter the Net Secure Code.

Fund transferring to bank accounts outside India

Add a payee

  • Login to internet banking.
  • Click Forex >> Outward Remittance >> Add New Payee and enter the payee's personal details.
  • Enter the SWIFT code and get details. Select the branch; confirm the details and enter the Net Secure Code to transfer.

Transfer to existing payee

  • Go to Forex >> Outward Remittance >> Payee >>Begin Payment.
  • Enter the relevant details and check the exchange rate. Agree to the transaction conditions.
  • Enter the Net Secure Code and confirm.

Axis Bank Mobile Banking

Axis Bank is providing mobile banking service to its

  • Savings(domestic/NRI) and current account holders
  • Standalone credit card or Forex card holders

But the customer should register for internet banking or debit card based SMS banking and have internet facility.

How to Activate Axis Mobile Banking

  • Send 'MBANK' to 5676782 from your registered mobile number. You will receive a SMS with the link to download the mobile app.
  • Download the app and login.
  • The App will send automatic SMS to verify your mobile number.
  • Enter your name and set 6 digit mPIN.
  • Give your debit card or internet banking credentials and the app will activate upon confirmation.

Update Email Id via Mobile Banking

To update your email Id

  • Login to Axis Mobile app.
  • From the home page select 'Service& Support' and choose 'Insta Services'.
  • Go to 'Contact' and select 'Update Email Id'. Enter your email address; agree to the terms and conditions and click on 'Update'.

Reset Password/ mPIN

To reset password or mPIN

  • Open Axis mobile app and go to menu. Select 'App Settings' from 'Manage' option.
  • Click 'Forgot mPIN'. Enter the last 6 digits of your debit card and its expiry date and the received OTP.

How to Transfer Funds via Mobile Banking

To transfer funds to other bank accounts

  • Login to the mobile app. Select 'Transfer Funds' from the menu.
  • Choose 'Other Bank Accounts'. Then add a payee or select the payee if you have already added one.
  • Enter the amount to be credited and choose the mode of payment (IMPS/NEFT)
  • Enter the mPIN to transact the money. You can postpone the payment by clicking 'Pay Later'.

How to Activate Axis Pay UPI App

Axis Pay UPI is the interface of Axis Mobile App that let you transact money from any of your account through VPA.

  • Download Axis Pay UPI App and login.
  • Your registered mobile number will send an activation SMS.
  • Allow to the permissions of app.
  • Enter your name and continue.
  • Set a 6 digit passcode for login purpose.
  • The app registration completed upon confirmation.

Transactions through Axis UPI and Change mPIN

To send money

  • Go to UPI home page >> Send.
  • Choose the debit account and the receiver from the list.
  • Enter the amount and mPIN and the money will be sent.

To ask money transaction

  • Go to UPI home page.
  • Select the credit account and the sender; enter the amount.
  • A notification is sent to the sender to approve the transaction. Once the sender enters the mPIN, the amount will be credited.

To change mPIN

  • Go to Menu >> Manage Accounts >> Change mPIN
  • Enter the old mPIN and set the new mPIN.

Axis Bank SMS Banking

SMS banking service is available to all customers, infact it is the basic service for other online services also. Send a SMS in a peculiar format from your registered mobile number to 5676782 or 9717000002.

How to Register and Update for SMS Banking

Through ATM

  • Insert your ATM card and enter the PIN.
  • Select 'Registrations' and then choose 'Mobile Number Update'.
  • If you already registered your mobile number, the screen will display the message 'Your mobile number is already registered with Axis Bank. Would you like to update your number now?'
  • To change your number, select 'Update'.
  • Enter your mobile number and confirm it. Your mobile number will be updated successfully.

Or you can register your mobile number through Axis Bank Branch. Once your mobile number is registered, send ACT < 15 digit account number> to the above mentioned number to activate SMS banking for your number.

Axis SMS Banking Keywords

Service Keyword
Balance Enquiry BAL
Last 3 transactions MINI
To download Mobile App MBANK
To locate the nearest ATM ATM
To register for E-Statement GREEN (Monthly statement only for Retail


On-Demand E-statement ESTMT
Update Email ID UPDATEM
To get a Cheque Book CHQBK
Cheque Status Enquiry CHQST <6 digit of Cheque No.>
To link Aadhaar no. with Axis Bank account Aadhaar AC < last 6 digits of account number>
Block Internet Banking Lock <9 digits Customer ID >

Axis Bank NUUP

Axis Dial NUUP is a USSD based mobile banking service that connect all the banks and TSP with a common code. This service is available for all GSM handsets at all time.

To use NUUP

  • Dial *99*45# from your registered mobile number.
  • Welcome screen of NUUP will appear. Enter the 4 digit IFSC of your bank. (UTIB for Axis Bank).
  • NUUP menu will be displayed with various options.
  1. Enter 1 for balance enquiry.
  2. Press 2 for mini statement
  3. Press 3 for fund transfer using MMID. Enter beneficiary mobile number, MMID, amount and your mPIN and last 4 digits of your account number.
  4. Enter 4 for fund transfer using IFSC. Provide recipient's IFSC, account number, amount, your mPIN and last 4 digits of your account number.
  5. To know your MMID, press 6
  6. To generate mPIN, press 7 and then 1(requires debit card credentials)
  7. To change mPIN, press 7 and then 2(enter old mPIN, account number and set new mPIN)
  8. Enter 8 to generate OTP. Give mPIN and account number.

Axis Missed Call Banking

Axis Bank is providing a more convenient missed call banking service to its customers who have registered for SMS banking service. You can know your account balance, get mini statement (last 3 transactions) and can recharge your mobile phone through Axis Bank missed call banking service at free of cost. Give a missed call to a peculiar number from your registered Indian mobile number and soon you will get a reply with the required details.

  • To know account balance dial 1800 419 5959
  • To get mini statement dial 1800 419 6969
  • For balance enquiry in Hindi dial 1800 419 5858
  • For mini statement in Hindi dial 1800 419 6868

To avail missed call mobile recharging service, send an activation message to 5676782. Following the activation, give a missed call to 0804 933 6262 from your registered mobile number and at once your number will be recharged.

Other Utilities

Register or Update Mobile Number

By updating your mobile number, you will immediately get any announcements from the bank and transaction alerts through SMS. You can safely update your mobile number at your nearest Axis Bank branch or at Axis Bank ATM.

To register or update your mobile number through Axis Bank ATM follow the same steps as mentioned above in 'How to register &update for SMS banking'.

To register at the branch

  • Go to any of your nearest Axis Bank branch.
  • Ask for 'Customer Request Form'.
  • Fill up that form that includes the request for registration or updating of mobile number. Write your new mobile number and submit it.

Update Aadhaar with Axis Bank Account

The government of India made it compulsory to link your Aadhaar with all of your bank accounts and loan accounts (under Prevention of Money Laundering Rules, 2005). Axis Bank provides various ways to update your Aadhaar.

Through Internet Banking

  • Visit the official website of Axis Bank and login to your account.
  • Click 'Services' and choose 'Insta Services'. Then click 'Link your Aadhaar'.
  • Enter your account number and customer Id. Provide your Aadhaar number and enter the Net Secure Code.
  • If the details in your card match with those in your bank account, Aadhaar number will be updated at once.

Via Axis Bank ATM

  • Insert your debit card and enter the PIN.
  • Select 'Special Services' and click 'Link Aadhaar Number'.
  • Enter the 12 digit Aadhaar number and confirm it.

On Axis Mobile App

  • Login to your mobile banking.
  • Go to 'Menu' and choose 'Insta Services' and click 'Accounts'.
  • Select 'Link Aadhaar Card'. Enter your Aadhaar number and choose the account to be linked with.

By a phone call

  • Call the toll free number of Axis Bank- 1860 419 5555/ 1860 500 5555 and update your Aadhaar.

Through Axis Bank branch

  • Visit the nearest Axis Bank branch and get 'Aadhaar Linking Form'.
  • Fill up that form, attach a photocopy of your Aadhaar card and submit it.


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