EPFO UAN - Registration, Activation and Generation

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Our world is moving fast towards digitization where everything is digitized, which saves more time. Similarly, the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) provided its members the digitized version for easy access to Provident Funds by introducing UAN. This online version eliminates traditional form filling process and consumes less time. Let’s see in detail how to register, activate and generate UAN in the EPFO site.

What is UAN?

UAN is the short form of Universal Account Number. It is a 12-digit number allocated to each employee by EPFO. In the year 2014, EPFO established the UAN system to link multiple Member Identification (Member ID) Numbers into one under Universal Account Number (UAN). With the help of UAN, employees can deal with their PF accounts in online easily. Also, members can view the particulars of all the member identification numbers linked to the UAN. If an employee is already assigned with UAN, the employee must provide the UAN to the new employer so that the employer can link the new Member Identification Number to the UAN. With the introduction of UAN, employees can no longer depend on their employers to access their EPF account and also the KYC details of the members get captured. Instead of the member ID, KYC details of a member are attached to the UAN, thus avoiding redundancy.

How to Get UAN Number and UAN Status?

It is now compulsory to have UAN if you are an EPF member. An employee should be registered with the EPFO services and must contribute to EPF account to get UAN. Usually, the UAN will be provided by the employer to the employees. The UAN number is incorporated in the salary slips. If not, ask your employer for UAN number. The EPFO will send your UAN number to your employer. In case you are not provided with UAN number by your employer, you can use the alternative method. You can get it with your PF account number from the UAN portal. Here are the following steps to get UAN number in the UAN member portal.

  • Access into the site https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/
  • In the UAN member portal, click on “Know your UAN status” from the Important Links below.
  • This will navigate you to the “Know your UAN” page
  • From the drop-down menu, select your state and EPFO office
  • Enter your EPF number and establishment code.
  • Then type your Aadhaar number, PAN number, name, date of birth, mobile number, email id, and captcha code.
  • After entering all details, click “Get Authorization Pin”
  • You will receive a PIN to your registered mobile number
  • Enter the PIN and click “Validate OTP and Get UAN”
  • The EPFO will send your UAN and UAN status to your registered mobile number.

How to Activate EPFO UAN?

It is important to activate the UAN to get access into EPFO’s online site. For activating UAN, you need to visit the same site as mentioned above. Follow the steps given below to activate your UAN.

  • Visit the site https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/
  • In the UAN member portal, click “Activate UAN” from the Important Links below
  • This will take you to the page where you have to fill all the details.
  • Once filling all details, click “Get Authorization Pin”
  • You will receive PIN to your registered mobile number
  • Enter that four-digit PIN to activate your UAN
  • Complete the registration process by creating your login ID and password.

What are the Documents to be submitted in a New Company to link the member ID with UAN?

In order to link your member ID of new organisation with UAN, the following documents are to be produced.

  • Any one KYC document
  • Bank account details such as bank account number, name of the bank branch and IFSC code.
  • Last day of working in the former company
  • UAN given in the former organisation.

For employees who do not have UAN, the following documents are to be submitted.

  • Bank account number
  • Name of the branch
  • IFSC code
  • Last day of working in the former company
  • PF account number of the former organisation

What are the KYC Documents needed for UAN?

The KYC documents required for UAN are,

  • Aadhaar card
  • PAN card
  • Bank account number
  • Voter ID
  • Driving Licence
  • Ration card
  • Passport
  • ESIC (Employees’ State Insurance Corporation) card

What are the Benefits Available in Fulfilling the KYC Process?

One can avail the following benefits once completing the KYC process by uploading the required documents.

  • Simple PF transfer
  • Easy PF withdrawals
  • Clarity in PF accounts
  • Message alert of monthly deductions of PF

How to Download UAN Card?

It is very easy to download UAN card and just follow the steps below to get UAN card.

  • Open the site https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/
  • Sign in to your EPF account by entering your UAN, password and captcha code.
  • Select “UAN Card” from the “View” option on the top tab.
  • Once clicking the “UAN Card” option, your UAN card will appear on the page.
  • The UAN card can either be downloaded or printed directly from the site.

How to Prompt Auto transfer of PF Account with UAN?

After activating your UAN, you can transfer your PF from the former organization to the present one by using auto transfer service in online. It is accessible to all UAN members who have linked their UAN with Aadhaar number and bank particulars. The EPFO introduced a new composite form called Form 11 and transferring PF has become easier with this form. Before the Form 11 came into existence, employees need to file an appeal for EPF transfer by using Form 13. But now Form 1l takes the place of Form 13 and PF transfer is done automatically. By using Form 11, new employees can auto transfer the PF amount from the former company to the new one. Here is the process how PF auto transfer works through Form 11.

  • In Form 11, the new employee has to fill in the details like UAN number and previous PF account number.
  • The information provided is authenticated with the UAN information
  • If UAN is linked with Aadhaar and bank particulars, it should be validated by the former employer
  • The new employer then enters the details given by the new employee in Form 11, in the employer’s portal.
  • Entering details in the portal generates auto transfer of PF amount from former PF account to new PF account
  • The employee will receive a message to his/her registered mobile number regarding the initiation of auto transfer
  • The auto transfer process will be accomplished only if the employee continues the intended auto transfer process within ten days of receiving the message.
  • The new employer’s initial PF contribution will be deposited in your account.
  • The employee will be notified with a message or email once the PF transfer process is completed successfully.

Points to Remember for Online and Offline PF Transfer

For initiating PF transfer in online, the employee should remember certain things.

  • Make sure that your UAN number has been linked and validated by your employer in the employer’s portal.
  • After changing your job, it is important to present Form 11 to your new employer.
  • The transfer process starts only on the intended auto transfer. Only if the new employer made his first PF contribution that the real transfer will take place.

PF transfer can be made in offline if one encounters any difficulty in online transfer process or else if the former employer failed to validate UAN in the employer’s portal, one can transfer PF by opting offline mode. If the previous or new organisation is an exempted one, then the transfer process has to be made physically. For offline PF transfer, one has to fill Form 13.While making offline PF transfer, the employee should keep in mind the following things.

  • The PF transfer will be easier if you have already provided your Aadhaar details to the new employer.
  • By submitting your Aadhaar details to your new employer, you can save more time in transferring PF.

What are the Advantages of using UAN?

With the EPFO’s establishment of UAN system, PF transfers has become very simple since the employees are required to know only the UAN number. Before the introduction of UAN, the employees need to know all the member IDs of previously worked organisations. UAN came as a boon for EPF members to make easy PF transfers. To avail all facilities related to UAN, make sure that all your KYC details are updated in the EPFO site and your employer has activated your UAN. The benefits of using UAN are,

  • Though you switch jobs multiple times, you no need to worry about your PF account. Without any inconvenience, you can easily transfer your PF funds with UAN.
  • With UAN, you can make PF transfers and withdrawals easily. Also, you can get easy access to EPFO site where you can track the status of your transfer claim, download your updated passbook and UAN card anytimeand alsoupdate your KYC information.
  • UAN makes PF transfers and withdrawals possible without any dependency on employers. With UAN, employees can contact directly with EPFO.
  • UAN keeps you updated by notifying through message, the monthly PF contributions.
  • You can make PF transfers online with your UAN
  • With UAN, you can save much time in transferring PF and making withdrawals.

How to Link Aadhaar with UAN in Online?

Now-a-days it is mandatory to link Aadhaar with almost all-important details. So, the EPF members should compulsorily link their Aadhaar information with UAN to get the PF auto transfer facility. Recently, in 2017, EPFO has launched the new option of linking Aadhaar with UAN in online. With this online facility, linking of Aadhaar details with UAN has become much easier. Members can access their PF account with this online facility in the UAN portal. Follow the steps below to link Aadhaar details with UAN.

  • Open the site http://epfindia.gov.in/site_en/
  • In the home page, click “eKYC Portal” from the “Online Services”
  • Go to the “Link UAN Aadhaar” section and tap the link
  • To proceed, enter your UAN. Once entering UAN, an OTP will be sent to your UAN registered mobile number.
  • As soon as OTP authentication process is completed, you need to enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number. Another OTP will be sent to your UIDAI registered mobile number.
  • After OTP confirmation process, the Aadhaar will be linked with UAN if the details in the both match with each other.

How to Generate UAN of EPF Account by using Aadhaar?

Unless like the days where you need your employer’s assistance to generate your UAN, you can now generate UAN by yourself, without relying on your employer. You can easily generate UAN in online itself. In order to acquire UAN, it is necessary to have Aadhaar card. A person can have only one UAN.

How to Generate UAN through Aadhaar?

To generate UAN through Aadhaar in online, simply follow the steps given below.

  • Enter the site https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/
  • In the bottom of the UAN member home page, click “Online Aadhaar Verified UAN Allotment” under the “Important Links”
  • This will take you to the page where you have to enter your Aadhaar number.
  • After entering Aadhaar number, click “Generate OTP”
  • You will receive an OTP on your Aadhaar registered mobile number
  • Once verifying OTP, click on the Disclaimer check box and then tap “Submit” for the process to continue.
  • This will redirect you to the page where the details in the Aadhaar will appear on the page. You can check the details and fill the required fields. After typing the captcha code, click the disclaimer check box and then tap “Register”. The required details will be automatically procured from the Aadhaar data bank.
  • You are all set to get your UAN. You will receive your UAN to your registered mobile number by message.

How to Correct Errors in UAN by using Aadhaar?

The EPFO also provides a facility to make corrections in the details erroneously entered by the employer which got mismatched with details in the Aadhaar. Any error in name, date of birth and gender can be corrected according to the information in Aadhaar. Go along with the following procedures to make corrections in the details.

  • Visit the site https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/
  • Sign in with your UAN, password and captcha code in UAN member portal
  • Click “Modify basic details” under “Manage” option
  • Enter your Aadhaar number and your EPF account will automatically get updated with the details fetched from Aadhaar.
  • The employer validates the details which is then managed by the EPFO official. It is not a quick process as it takes some time.

EPFO’s New Facility to Merge 10 EPF Accounts with UAN

The EPFO has came up with a new facility to its EPF members under which one can consolidate upto 10 accounts with UAN in a single attempt. In the EPFO’s UAN portal, separate online transfer claims are to be made by the EPF members. The EPF members have to activate their UAN linked with details like bank account, Aadhaar and PAN in order to get this merging facility. One can also avail this facility without activating UAN via Online Transfer Claims Portal (OTCP) under Employees services in EPFO site. Here are the steps to merge accounts with UAN.

  • Get into the site http://epfindia.gov.in/site_en/
  • Under the Employees services, click “One Employee - One EPF Account”.
  • This will take you to the page entitled “Facility to Consolidate Multiple PF Accounts of an Employee” where you have to put in details such as mobile number, UAN and current member id.
  • Once EPFO validates the details of its members, it will let the members to enrol their former account numbers to merge with the current UAN.

How to Merge Two EPF Accounts into Onewith UAN in Online?

EPFO also provides a service to merge two EPF accounts into one. Members having two EPF accounts have to fuse them into one. For consolidating two accounts into one, you should finish KYC validation, should have UANlinked with your present EPF account and have to wait for three days after activation in order to merge accounts. The same procedure mentioned above continues in this process also. Follow the steps below to combine two accounts into one.

  • Visit the EPFO site http://epfindia.gov.in/site_en/
  • Under Employees services, tap “One Employee – One EPF Account”
  • This will navigate you to the page where you have toprovide the details such as mobile number, UAN and current member id. Then click “Generate OTP”
  • Enter the OTP sent to your registered mobile number for verification.
  • Another page will open and submit the particulars of your former accounts that need to be merged into one account with UAN
  • Select the declaration check box and tap the “Submit” button.

How to Update KYC details for EPF UAN in Online?

To update KYC details for EPF UAN in online, you need to upload required documents by logging in to the EPFO UAN portal. The benefits in updating KYC details are,

  • PF transfers and withdrawals can be made quickly with KYC documents
  • Failure to update KYC details may result in claim rejection
  • By providing KYC documents, you can get EPF notifications through message

The following steps are to be followed to update KYC details.

  • Visit the site https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/
  • Sign in using your UAN, password and captcha code
  • After entering the UAN page, select “KYC” option from “Manage” in the top tab.
  • Select the KYC details from the list you need to update
  • Update the KYC details and the status will appear pending until the employer accepts it.
  • The status will change once the updated details are approved by the employer. Also, you will be notified through message about the change in KYC details.


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