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HDFC Bank, the largest Indian private sector bank is providing best digital banking experiences to its customers. Let's know about some of the online banking facilities.

How to Activate HDFC Bank Internet Banking

Any HDFC customer can avail net banking service by registering to it. One can register to net banking through online, ATM, phone banking or bank branch.

From HDFC website

  • Visit the official website of HDFC bank and click register online.
  • Enter your customer Id (which is in your account statement/account welcome letter /cheque book).
  • Provide your registered mobile number and confirm it.
  • An OTP will be sent to your mobile number. Enter that. If you are an NR customer and have international mobile number, OTP will be sent both to your mobile number and email Id. Enter both OTPs.
  • Give your debit card details you are asked for.
  • Now set your IPIN (Internet Password).


  • Visit your nearest HDFC bank ATM.
  • Insert your debit card and enter the PIN.
  • Press 'Other Options' and then select 'Net Banking Registration' and confirm it.
  • The IPIN will be sent to your mailing address through courier.

Via Phone banking

  • Make a call to the phone banking number in your city. Tell them your customer Id and TIN (Telephone Identification number) or else your debit card number and PIN.
  • Your request for net banking registration will be taken by the phone banking agents.
  • The IPIN will be sent to your address within 5 days.

Through HDFC bank branch

  • Download the net banking registration form from the official website of HDFC.
  • Fill up the form and submit it on your nearest HDFC branch and the IPIN will be sent to you through courier.

HDFC provides this service free of cost. Once you registered for net banking and got IPIN, you can login to your account and get all the services provided by HDFC.

Transfer money via internet banking

Transferring money through internet involves National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) transaction that transfers money electronically from one account to another irrespective of bank and branch throughout the country. It is the convenient way of settling money with no charges when done through online. A maximum of 25 lakhs can be send to an individual per day.

Transaction through NEFT begins with adding beneficiary. Later you can apt for fund transfer or credit card payment. And keep your net banking and Third party fund transfer facility in active. Fund transfer through mobile banking is as same as of internet banking.

Adding beneficiary

  • Log on to HDFC internet banking by entering your customer Id and password.
  • Click 'Fund Transfer' tab.
  • Select 'Add Beneficiary'. Now choose beneficiary type- Transfer to Other Bank.
  • Give recipient's account details or credit card number (in case of credit card payment).
  • Select IFSC of beneficiary's bank branch.
  • Press 'Add' and confirm it.
  • Validate yourself at secure access step and wait till confirmation message come.

You can add/delete/ modify a maximum of 7 beneficiaries a day. After adding up the beneficiary, a cooling period of 30 minutes is needed to get the beneficiary activated. Only Rs. 50,000 can be sent to a new beneficiary in first 24 hours.

To make fund transfer

  • From your internet banking account, select 'Fund Transfer'.
  • Then select 'Transfer to Other Bank (NEFT).
  • Choose the account, beneficiary and enter the details asked for.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Verify the details and confirm it.

In NEFT, the transfer is made in batches. So it may take some time.

What information is required to do an NEFT transaction?

To do an NEFT transaction, one should know

  • Amount to be sent.
  • Account from which the amount to be debited.
  • Details of beneficiary like his name, his account number, his bank name and IFSC code of his bank branch.
  • Remarks for receiver if any.

How to do Credit Card payment through NEFT?

Before making credit card payment,

  • You should have the facility of net banking and third party fund transfer.
  • The bank that issued credit card should able to receive money via NEFT.
  • Know the correct IFSC of that bank.

Steps for credit card payment

  • Login to your net banking account and click 'Fund Transfer'.
  • Now select 'transfer to other banks'
  • Select the account to be debited, account of the beneficiary and enter the details asked for.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Check the detail and confirm it and the amount will be credited soon.

How to Register for Email Statements?

By registering for email statement, you will get your account statement on your email monthly (current account holders can get it daily/ weekly/monthly). When you register for email statement, your physical statement will stop.

To register

  • Login to your net banking account. Go to 'Accounts' tab and then select 'Request'. Now click 'Email Statement'. (or)
  • Download E-age form and submit it at your nearest HDFC bank. (or)
  • Call phone banking number and register for email statement.

How to register for accessing your loan details on net banking?

Loan accounts online help you access loan summary, transaction history, EMI status, loan account details, etc.

To register

For loan customers holding any HDFC account

  • Visit ''.
  • Login to your savings or current account with your customer Id.
  • Select 'Loans' and then 'register – new loan'
  • Enter loan account number, date of birth or date of incorporation (in case of company), last EMI amount paid and submit.
  • Enter the OTP sent to your registered mobile number and click ok.

For loan customers without any HDFC account

  • Log on to the official website of HDFC bank.
  • Go to the login section at the home page.
  • Select 'Net Banking' and then click 'Login'.
  • An information page will open. Select 'Continue to Net Banking'.
  • Now select 'Click here'.
  • Click 'New user- Register' at the left bottom
  • Create your login Id (minimum 4 and maximum 10 characters)
  • Provide your loan account number, date of birth or date of incorporation and last EMI amount paid.
  • Set your password and confirm it. (minimum 8, maximum 15 characters).
  • An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number. Enter that OTP and click ok.

Mobile banking

To use HDFC mobile banking service, all you need is

  • HDFC ATM card
  • Its PIN
  • HDFC mobile banking app.

To activate mobile banking service

  • Download the HDFC mobile banking app from Google Playstore or iOS store and install it. Open the app and first of all click 'Set 4 digit PIN'. It includes four steps.
  • The first step is to verify you. Enter your mobile number that is updated in the bank and your Customer Id.
  • Next step is validating OTP. So an OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number. Enter that and proceed.
  • Then give your debit card details like debit card number, its expiry date and debit card PIN.
  • As the last step, set your 4 digit quick access PIN by entering and reentering it.
  • After validating, a message will be displayed informing of successful set up of quick access PIN.
  • There is login option right below the message. Just login using your PIN. The login option is also seen on the first page of the app.


Along with mobile banking service, mpassbook is also available in HDFC Bank.

To register

  • Download HDFC mobile banking app from Google playstore. Install it and open it.
  • On the pre login section, mpassbook option is available. Press that.
  • Enter your customer Id and password or give your debit card details and PIN to register for mpassbook.
  • Set PIN lock or pattern to open mpassbook.

That's it. You can see your passbook on your mobile.

SMS Banking

SMS banking helps to manage and monitor your account from your mobile. Moreover, this service is available in both English and Hindi to facilitate the customer.

How to register for SMS banking?

Prior to using SMS banking service, registering your mobile number for the same is vital. Registration can be done through


  • Type REGISTER <1ast 5 digits of account number> and send this SMS to 5676712 from your mobile number that is linked with your bank.
  • Immediately, your number will be registered for SMS banking.

Net banking

  • Visit '' and login to your account by entering customer Id and IPIN.
  • Select 'SMS Banking Registration'.
  • Enter the required details. Your number will be registered at once.


  • Insert the ATM card and enter the PIN.
  • From the home page, select 'More options'.
  • Select 'Register for Mobile Banking'.


  • Download the SMS banking application form. Fill up that and submit it on nearest HDFC bank branch.
  • The registration process will complete on 4 working days from the date of submitting the form.

You can also de-register your account from SMS banking service through net banking.

SMS keywords

Now your bank account is in your hand with simple keywords. Type peculiar keyword for various services and sent it to 5676712 and the appropriate response will be sent to your mobile within few seconds. The keywords are

for balance enquiry bal
for mini statement txn
to enquire cheque status cst
for cheque book request chq
to stop cheque stp <6 digits of cheque number>
for account statement request stm
to know bill details bill
for fixed deposit enquiry fdq
to change primary account new<14 digit account number>
for Internet Banking Password regeneration ipin
to update PAN number PAN
for KYC updation KYC<dd/mm/yy>
for debit card green pin generation REPIN
for list of keywords help

How does SMS banking work?

In HDFC SMS banking service, one peculiar mobile number is connected with a single customer Id. All the accounts linked with that customer Id can be accessed through that mobile number. In case of primary account, many of the banking process can be done through toll free banking. In HDFC SMS banking service, the required details of maximum 5 accounts will be delivered to you. Those accounts are first five accounts in chronological order that are connected to your customer Id. If you want the details of a particular account, then include the last 5 digits of the account number at the end of the SMS.

HDFC bank provides a wide range of service through SMS. For example

  1. The request for mini statement (txn) will show the last three debits or credits on your account.
  2. If you give a request for an account statement (stm), the same will be sent to your mail. The account statement contains the transaction details of the period from the last statement received to the date the request sent.
  3. By typing 'bill', you will receive the details of electricity and telephone bills on your phone through SMS.
  4. For fixed deposit enquiry, send 'fdq' and the details of current fd (upto 5 accounts) linked with your customer Id will be shown. That includes the account number, principal amount, rate of interest, maturity date and maturity amount.
  5. To change the primary account under your customer Id, send 'new <14 digit account number> and the new account will be primary account and the transactions will be carried out under that account.
  6. To know the pre-approved offers of auto, personal and two wheelers loan available for you, send MYHDFC to 7308080808.

Missed call banking

Apart from balance enquiry, HDFC bank is offering many services just with a missed call.

Toll free numbers of HDFC

  • To know your account balance, give missed call to 1800-270-3333
  • To get the mini statement, make a call to 1800-270-3355
  • For cheque book request, call 1800-270-3366
  • To give account statement request, dial 1800-270-3377
  • For HDFC mobile banking app, give missed call to1800-270-3344
  • For email account statement request, call1800-270-3388


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