How to Check your EPF Balance and Status in Online

Posted in: Provident Fund | on: December 22, 2017

EPF (Employee's Provident Fund) plays an important role in a person's carrier by providing financial security. The employees need to often check their EPF balance to know whether there is any hike in their EPF amount. Gone are the days where employees need to visit the EPF office and had to fill the form to check their EPF balance. We are living in the technological era in which anything can be done easily in online within few seconds. Similarly, one can check their EPF balance enquiry in their EPF account via online and it saves more time. In 2013, the Employee's Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) introduced an online web portal to check the EPF balance enquiry. By gaining instant access, employees can able to check their EPF balance frequently, so that the EPF amount can be withdrawn in case of emergency or else one can get loan from the EPF balance.

There are various modes available to check the EPF balance enquiry-by messaging, by giving missed call, via UAN, UMANG app, through online and by using e-passbook. Let’s see in detail the procedures to be followed in each mode.

How to Check your EPF Balance Online

Check EPF Balance Via SMS

The balance in the EPF amount can be checked via message. To know the EPF balance through SMS, it is necessary that your UAN number should get linked with the KYC (Know Your Customer) details such as, your bank account, PAN or aadhaar. Get your employer’s help if you cannot able to link. Having linked the details with your UAN number, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Send message to 7738299899
  • Send the message as EPFOHO UAN ENG. The last three characters “ENG” refers to the language of the message you would like to receive. Services are available in ten languages they are - English, Hindi, Telugu, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada and Bengali. Use the first three letters of the language you need.
  • After receiving your message, the EPFO will send you the message with your member details, KYC details, your latest payment details and EPF balance enquiry.

EPF Balance Via Missed Call

EPF balance can be checked by simply giving a missed call. For this also, the UAN number should be linked with the KYC details and if unable to link the details, get help from your employer. After linking the details, go along with the following steps.

  • From your registered mobile number, give a missed call to 011-22901406
  • After receiving your call, the EPFO will send a message with your EPF details.

Check EPF Balance Online

To check your EPF balance online, here are the steps to be followed.

  • EPF account number is a essential one to check your EPF balance in online. So, keep your EPF account number at hand to get any information related to your EPF account.
  • To know your EPF balance, access into the EPFO portal
  • From the “Our Services” menu list, click “For Employees”
  • Then tap the “Member Passbook” option from the “Services” below.
  • This will show you the login page. In that, put in your UAN number and password.
  • Once logged in, you are accessible to your EPF account where you can check your balance enquiry.

Check EPF Balance Via UAN

The EPF balance can also be checked through UAN (Universal Account Number). UAN is a unique number given to the employees who are registered with the EPF plan. By gaining access to the EPFO site, you can get UAN. The EPFO will send a message to your mobile with the EPF details after you have enrolled your UAN. The following steps will help you to check the EPF balance via UAN.

  • Access the site
  • Enter UAN, password and captcha to sign in
  • After signing in, check your EPF balance.

Check EPF Balance by using UMANG App

Checking EPF balance has become much easier with the newly launched mobile app.The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, recently launched an app called UMANG (Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance) which facilitates EPFO services along with many governmental services like aadhaar, gas booking, crop insurance, National Pension System, etc., This app is available on the Google Play store, iOS App store and Windows store. In its home page, the EPFO website provides an option “UMANG” which will take you to the download page. Download the app to check your EPF details. To set up the downloaded app follow the steps below,

  • During the installation process, select the language you want and verify your mobile number with OTP
  • The app recommends you to register your aadhaar as there are many governmental services connected to it.
  • Give your personal information.

On the UMANG app, choose “EPFO” among the various governmental services. Once entered the EPFO, follow the steps below carefully,

  • Among the three options such as Employee Centric Services, General Services and Employer Centric Services, click the “Employee Centric Services”
  • In that section, there is a column to viewpassbook. Click on the blue ribbon and enter the UAN
  • After entering the UAN, an OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  • Once the OTP authentication is finished, you can check your EPF details. The EPF balance will appear along with the EPF details. The EPF balance will appear in three parts as employee contribution, employer contribution and pension contribution.

Check EPF Balance Via E-Passbook

EPF balance can be checked through the “e-passbook” option from the EPFO portal. It is one of the simplest method to check your EPF balance and employees can easily access their EPF details. To check the EPF balance via e-passbook, follow these quick steps.

  • Open the EPFO site
  • In the home page, on the upper right-hand corner, click the “e-passbook” option
  • The login page will appear and enter your user name, password and captcha code. Click “Login”
  • Once logged in, the page will show you the member account which is connected to your UAN.
  • Select the member account to view the passbook.
  • The passbook contains all the details regarding your EPF account, including your EPF balance.
  • You can also download the passbook from the site for further reference.

How to Check Your PF Status Online

EPF Balance Full Statement

The full statement of EPF balance can be easily downloaded from the EPFO site. The full statement of EPF balance can be checked via e-passbook option. Here are the following steps to know your full EPF balance statement.

  • Open the EPFO site
  • In the home page, some main options are available. Among the options, click “e-passbook”
  • This will navigate you to the log in page where you have to provide your user name, password and captcha.
  • After logging in, you can view your EPF passbook which will appear on the right side
  • To save the file, right click the mouse and tap “save as”
  • Now you can view the downloaded EPF passbook and can check your EPF balance statement whenever you want.

EPF Balance for Railway Employees

Railway employees cannot be able to check their EPF balance in the EPFO site. For Railway Employees, exclusive site is available to check their EPF balance in online. Here are the following steps for the railway employees to know the EPF balance in the account.

  • Open the site
  • Tap the “Employee Self Service” option in the home page
  • This will take you to the Railway Employee Self Service (RESS) page where you need to enter the user ID and password to sign in.
  • New users can register with the option “New User Registration”. In that, you have to submit your aadhaar number, mobile number and date of birth. The user ID and password will be sent to your mobile. Then sign in with that user ID and password.
  • By signing in, you can get the EPF details along with your bio-data, salary, loan and advances, and income tax details.

EPF Balance Last Updated

The PF amount will be contributed by the employee and the employer to the PF account every month. The updated PF account can be checked via the e-passbook. The same procedure in checking full EPF statement is applied to check the updated account also.

  • Access the EPFO site
  • In the home page,click “e-passbook”
  • This will take you to the log in page where you have to enter your user name, password and captcha.
  • After logging in, you can view your EPF passbook.
  • In the EPF passbook, the full details of your EPF account will appear along with your latest EPF balance. Also, you can download the EPF details.

EPF Balance Refund

EPF balance refund in the EPF account can be checked easily by following the same process mentioned above. The full EPF balance details along with your EPF refund claim can be seen in the EPFO website. You can check the EPF refund balance with your EPF balance statement. Go along with the following steps,

  • Enter the EPFO site
  • Click “e-passbook” in the home page
  • Log in with your user name, password and captcha
  • Once logged in, you can access your EPF passbook
  • Your updated EPF balance details will be displayed with your EPF refund balance. If needed, you can also download the EPF details.


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