ICICI Credit Card Application Status

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How to Track ICICI Bank Credit Card Application Status Online

ICICI is offering a wide range of credit cards according to the need of the customers of varied categories. With the arrival of online banking, it had been made easy to apply for the credit card, so as to track its status.

There avails both online and offline means to track the status of your application for ICICI credit card. If you have applied for the credit card through online, then you can track its status through online itself. If you used any other way, you can get the help of customer care or ICICI bank.

ICICI bank provides iTrack service to track the status of deliverable ICICI bank properties like cheque book, credit card, debit card, bank statement, etc. If you choose online mode, the status can be tracked through internet banking or mobile banking service (iMobile). Through this, you can track the status of credit card which is dispatched in last 90 days.

To get the details of the status of your credit card, you need to have

  • Credit card application reference number which can be find in the application acknowledgement slip.
  • The mobile number which is registered with the bank.

Track Status through Online

There are two modes in tracking the status online. We will discuss those procedures in following topics. Before that, let we know what the various statuses you received means.

  • If the status shows 'in progress', it indicates the bank is processing your application.
  • If 'on hold' is seen on the screen, there would be some issues in documents you submitted or in the details you have provided. The bank will ask you for the clearer details or proofs. If they get what is required, the process will start again.
  • If 'approved' status is shown, it means your application is approved and you will get your credit card soon to your address.
  • If your application is 'disapproved', it had been rejected for some reasons that it would not meet the eligibility criteria put forth by the bank. The same status will be sent to you through SMS with or without reason. If you want the reason, you can call the customer care service number.
  • In case your card is approved and sent out to the courier agency, the status will say 'dispatch'. Possibly you will receive your credit card in 2 or 3 working days. Be available in your address since parcel will be delivered only to the applicant. If you are a working individual, then give your office address to the bank, so that you can get the credit card without any further delay.
  • When you enter wrong details the screen will show 'no records found'. Then check the details you have entered.

There are many phase in dispatching the credit card. They are

  • Dispatched: Your credit card is handed over by ICICI bank to courier for dispatch.
  • In-Transit, awaiting delivery information: Your credit card is out for delivery and the information about delivery will be sent to you soon.
  • Attempted, awaiting delivery information: The courier agent had attempted to deliver, but it was unsuccessful. But they will attempt again to deliver the credit card.
  • Shipment delivered: The credit card is delivered to you.
  • Undelivered, Returned to bank: The two attempts made by courier agency ended in failure. So the credit card will be returned to ICICI Bank. You can contact the customer care or visit any of your nearest ICICI Bank branch to get your credit card again.
  • There will be time lapse in updating the courier information. But the more recent information available will be updated as soon as possible and will be displayed to you.
  • The time taken for the processing of credit card differs from one another. So the service to find the status of your application helps in estimating the correct time of delivering your credit card. The approval of the application is based on the various factors like the customers eligibility, the documents submitted and so on.

Check Status through Mobile Number

This option is available only if you are using mobile banking. If you don't have application reference number you can use this method. It is a twofold authentication process, since you do not have the application reference number.

  • Log on to your mobile banking account. Select 'Services' and then 'Check Status'. Then click 'Track Deliverables'.
  • Enter your registered mobile number and your date of birth.
  • For further authentication, an OTP will be sent to you.
  • Enter that OTP.
  • After verification the status will be displayed.

Track by Application Form Number

To check through internet banking

  • Visit the official website of ICICI Bank icicibank.com and go to the 'Loans' category.
  • Click 'Track Application Status' available in the menu bar.
  • Or you can directly visit the page http: / loans.icicibank.com / assets- portal/ my -applications-login
  • The new page will ask for your information.
  • Provide the application reference number. Also enter the mobile number you have registered. These two things should be as same as the one you have provided on the application form.
  • Once you have entered the details, your status will be shown.

Check Status of ICICI Bank Credit Card Application Offline

  • If you do not have internet facility, no worries. You can contact ICICI customer care service number for all credit card related queries.
  • Contact ICICI credit card application status toll free number 1800 200 3344 to speak to the executives. You can know your credit card application status through them when you call between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Monday to Friday. Tell them your application reference number; they will tell you the status of your credit card.
  • Or you can contact 24 X 7 toll free number 1800 103 8181.
  • If you wish, you can go to any of your nearest ICICI Bank branch to get your application status. Remember you should have your credit card application reference number, by which the bank officials will tell you the status.


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