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Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI) is a public sector bank owned by the government of India. It was established in 1964 to facilitate the development of Indian industries. Today, this nationalized bank has nearly 2000 branches that includes one overseas branch in Dubai and more than 3800 ATMs all over the country. With the minimum balance of Rs.5000, you can open a savings bank account and then you can perform all banking works from home through net banking or mobile banking. Here are the ways to have your bank at your hand.

How to Activate IDBI Bank Net Banking

If you have your debit card and its PIN number with you and if your debit card is in active state, then it is super easy to activate net banking from your home. Simply, go by the following steps

  • Visit the home page of IDBI Bank and select personal banking.
  • On the login page, select 'Generate Online Password'.
  • On the next page, enter your customer Id, account number, your registered mobile number (if you have international number, give the country code) and click 'submit'. Customer Id and account number will be found on both your passbook and cheque book.
  • Then choose 'Generate New Request' and click 'Proceed'. You can attempt to generate password, maximum of 3 times a day. If you already requested for password and it obstructed for some reason, then click 'Process Pending Request'.
  • The next screen will ask you for the details like your 16 digit debit card number, its PIN and expiry date. Enter those details and click 'Generate OTP'.
  • After validating your card details, an OTP and a request Id will be sent to your registered mobile number. Type both of the details in the appropriate places and confirm it.
  • A new page will open. Set a login password and a transaction password by entering and re-entering the password. Select 'Enable Transaction Facility' and click confirm. You can also set your daily transaction limit.

That's it. You have activated IDBI net banking service. You can login to your account with the help of customer Id and the created login password. Virtual keyboard is given to enter the password with enhanced security. Once logged in, you can access banking facilities like

  • Knowing account balance, its status and get statement
  • Request for cheque book, know the status of cheque and obstruct the payment
  • Fund transfer and tracking it
  • Opening / renewal of FD and RD
  • Bill payment through EBPP
  • Shopping at e-stores
  • Online payment for merchants under e-commerce merchants
  • Online share trading portal
  • AMC selling online mutual funds, etc.

Mobile Banking

IDBI Bank has launched Go Mobile Plus App for the mobile banking service. It is an user friendly, flexible mobile app to do banking any time with convenience. Any single account holder of IDBI Bank with active debit card or net baking access can use this facility. However, you need internet facility to use this app.

To use mobile banking

  • Register your mobile number for mobile banking either through internet banking or through ATM . Or else, you can submit the channel registration form at the nearest IDBI Bank branch.
  • Go to the Google Play Store or Apple Store; search for the app 'IDBI Go Mobile+'.
  • Download the app and install it. Any android or iOS smart phone will support this app. Open the app and click 'Activate App'.
  • Feed your customer Id and confirm it. For verification, the app will send a SMS to your registered mobile number.
  • Then set a 4 digit MPIN of your choice and keep it confidential.
  • On the login page, enter your customer Id and MPIN. To activate the mobile banking service, you will be asked to produce either debit card or net banking details. Enter the required information.
  • Soon after your credentials are validated, you will be logged in followed by a confirmation SMS.

Once logged in, you can avail following services

  • Balance enquiry
  • Get mini statement and account statement
  • Demat holdings and transactions details
  • Cheque book request
  • Stop cheque payment
  • Fund transfer to self and other accounts within IDBI
  • Remittance of fund to other bank accounts using NEFT, IMPS (transaction limit is Rs.50,000 a day and it uses dynamic OTP method plus MPIN to transfer money)
  • Link Aadhar with the bank
  • Manage debit card
  • Pay credit card and visa credit card bills
  • Recharge for mobile number, DTH account
  • Apply for new savings account or home loan
  • Calculate loan EMI, investment returns or term deposit interest
  • Locating nearby IDBI ATM or branch

SMS Banking

Having an ordinary mobile phone will not restrict you from accessing all the banking facilities any more. IDBI Bank offers wide range of banking service through SMS banking. But, registering your mobile number for SMS banking is essential in IDBI Bank.

To avail SMS Banking facility

  • Enable the SMS banking service in your phone from your service provider.
  • Register your mobile number for SMS banking in any of the nearest IDBI bank branches.

Now you can use SMS banking from your phone.

Send a SMS from your registered mobile number to the number 9820346920 or 9821043718.

The SMS should be in an appropriate format for each of the services. As soon as the message is sent, a reply message will be delivered to your mobile number with the required answer. However, your service provider may charge you for the SMS you sent.

The SMS formats for various services are as below

Balance enquiry - (BAL) (Customer Id) (PIN) (Acc. No)

Fixed deposits enquiry - (FD) (Customer Id) (PIN) (Acc. No)

Last 3 transactions - (TXN) (Customer Id) (PIN) (Acc. No)

Cheque payment status - (CPS) (Customer Id) (PIN) (cheque number) (Acc. No)

Request for cheque book - (CBR) (Customer Id) (PIN) (number of leaves) (P/M) (Acc. No.[P- By person; M- By Mail])

Request for statement - (STM) (Customer Id) (PIN) (from date) (to date) (Acc. No. [date should be in MMYY format])

Help - HELP

These are the SMS formats. If you have forgotten the pattern, simply you can send HELP SMS, that will deliver you all other SMS formats. In most of the services, the account number is optional, since there is a primary account. The demanded service will give the information of that primary account by default. If you want the details of other accounts connected with your mobile number, you have to include that particular account number. You can also change the primary account with the help of the option 'change primary account' presented in the SMS banking facility.

Missed Call Banking

IDBI Bank is providing missed call banking service to its customer at free of cost. But the customer must be a single operative account holder and should register his mobile number with his account. If he had registered same mobile number for various customer accounts, then there would be some confusions. So,

  • Register your particular account number for missed call banking by sending a SMS "REG account number" to 5676777 or 9820346920/ A confirmation message about your successful registration will be sent to you.
  • You can also de-register your account number by sending the SMS as "DEL account number" to the above mentioned number and a confirmation message will be sent to you.
  • You can change the registered account number by registering the new account. Send "REG new account number" to the same number.

Charges are applied to these SMS. In addition to balance enquiry service, IDBI Bank offers mini statement service through toll free banking.

  • To know the balance amount in your account, give a missed call to 1800 843 1122.
  • To get the mini statement for last 5 transactions, give a missed call to 1800 843 1133.

Though the missed call banking service is given on gratis, the number of times to use this service is limited to 4 times a day. The number is counted for both balance enquiry and mini statement jointly.


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