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In this fast moving world, no one has time and no one wish to stand in queue to do their banking works. So, the banks had decided to save the time of both the customers and employers by introducing internet banking and mobile banking system. Now, the age old and government owned Indian Bank is also providing the facility of internet banking.

How to Register and Login Indian Bank Net Banking

Any active account holder of Indian Bank can use internet banking by registering their account for it. One can apply for net banking by submitting a form in their home branch. Or in further easy mode, one can register for net banking through online , with no necessity to visit their branch.

To avail net banking facility, one should

  • Register his mobile number with his bank account.
  • Link his active email address with his account.
  • Have an active debit card.
  • Know his account number or CIF number.

Steps to Register

  • Visit the Indian bank website -
  • Of the options given on the left side, click REGISTER ONLINE.
  • A new page will open. Enter the CIF number or your account number which can be found on your bank passbook. Give your registered mobile number without the country code. Then click 'Submit'.
  • A One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your registered mobile number. Type that OTP on the provided space and confirm it.
  • Once the OTP is accepted, your account details like your name, CIF number, mobile number, PAN number, date of birth, email Id, branch name and branch Id will appear on the screen. Below that, there given two types of facility- 'View Facility Only' and 'View and Transaction Facility'. Of those select 'View and Transaction Facility'.
  • Now set your new login password that is strong enough and submit it. Instructions are given to the customers to create a strong password. You are advised to change your password often to avoid phishing.
  • The next screen has security questions(which is more about you and probably no one else know). Select two of those questions, answer them and submit. If you forget your password, it will help you.
  • Then 'New User Activation' page will open. Choose 'Activate through ATM card'.
  • Now provide your ATM card number, its expiry date in month and year format and PIN number in the appropriate places. Click 'Submit'.

Thus, Indian bank net banking registration is fulfilled. Now you can login to your account through net banking.

Login Method

Step 1: Visit the official website of Indian Bank and click 'login'.

Step 2: Enter your user Id (your CIF number), password (the one you have created and keep it confidential and don't write it anywhere) and login.

Now you can do all banking transactions, the bank offered you.

Once you login to your account, you can

  • Check your account balance
  • Get account statement
  • View your deposit account
  • Transfer funds to your own account
  • Remittance of funds to other Indian Bank account holder
  • Send money to other bank account holder through RTGS/NEFT
  • Know the cheque details
  • Pay income Tax/TDS payments
  • Make GST payments
  • Pay Electricity bill
  • Make IRCTC payments
  • Pay LIC premium

Mobile Banking

Indian Bank provides mobile banking service to its customers through 'IndPay Mobile Banking'. Any customer with an operative bank account can avail mobile banking service. The customer with internet banking facility can register for mobile banking through online with their user Id and password.

Through IndPay, you can get following services all through the day

  • Balance enquiry
  • Mini statement
  • Fund transfer to another Indian Bank account
  • Transferring funds to other bank accounts using NEFT Scheme of RBI
  • Money transfer to different bank accounts through IMPS(Immediate Payment Service)
  • Change MPIN and MTPIN(VAS)
  • Make various bill payments
  • Debit card services

How to Register

Step 1: Download the app 'IndPay' .

Step 2: Open the app and go to its homepage.

Step 3: Click 'New User'. You will be asked for your CIF number. Enter it and submit. Your CIF number will be validated with CBS (Core Banking Solution).

Step 4: A OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number. Enter that OTP and click on submit. The OTP will be validated only for 10 minutes.

Step 5 : A new page will show three ways of registration:

Register using Net Banking

If the customer already have internet banking, select 'Register using Internet Banking'

  • Login to your net banking by entering your user Id and password.
  • You will be asked to set MPIN with 4 digit numerals (alphabets, symbols are not allowed).
  • Then set a 4 digit MTPIN only with numbers.
  • The MPIN will be used for login purpose. The MTPIN is used for transaction purpose. It is mandatory that MPIN and MTPIN should not be the same.
  • Once you have successfully set your MPIN and MTPIN, you can use them for mobile banking login and transaction purpose.

Register through ATM card

If you choose the option 'Register through ATM card

  • Enter ATM card number, PIN number, validity of the card in month and year and submit.
  • After your details are verified, you will be asked to set your MPIN and MTPIN. Set them in numerals as instructed before. A message will be displayed informing you of successful registration.

Register through existing MPIN

If you already have MPIN given by bank, then choose 'Register through existing MPIN'. You can login with that MPIN and may set your MTPIN. Later on, you can use it for transaction purpose.

To transfer funds to other Indian bank account, choose the option 'Manage Beneficiary' and add up the recipients by providing their name and account number. If it is any other bank account, then provide the IFSC code of that bank along with their name and account number.

SMS Banking

Indian Bank is also offering SMS banking to its customers. The main advantage of SMS banking is there is no need for internet facility or an smart phone. Even a common man with a basic phone can monitor his account with swiftness and easy and that too from anywhere. You can do banking works just by sending coded messages to a particular number.

Services provided by SMS banking:

  • Balance enquiry
  • Knowing last three transactions
  • Enquire the status of issued cheque
  • Enquire the status of deposited cheque
  • Changing M-PIN
  • Customer service

To avail SMS banking, the Indian Bank customer should fill up a form. Ask for that form in any of the Indian Bank branches; tick the option 'mobile banking'; register your mobile number in the bank and submit it in your respective Indian Bank branch. Your mobile number will be accepted for mobile alerts. If your account is credited or debited with the minimum of Rs.5000 or if your cheque had been bounced, you will receive mobile alerts. You will also receive a PIN Mailer in seven working days and the same will be activated in 24-48 hours. The M-PIN is a four digit number, that is essential every time you use SMS banking and it should be kept as secret.

Using SMS banking is very easy. Send a message with the appropriate code, space, your account number space and your M-PIN from your registered mobile number to 94443 94443. Soon, you will receive a message with the required answer.

The message format for various services are as follows:

  • For Check Available Balance - 'BALAVL' 'Acc. no' 'MPIN'
  • To Know Last Three Transactions - 'BALAVL' 'Acc. no' 'MPIN'
  • To Get Status of Issued Cheque - 'CHQSTS' 'chq no' 'Acc. no' 'MPIN'
  • To Get status of deposited cheque - 'DCHSTS' 'chq no' 'Acc. no' 'MPIN'
  • To Change Mobile Banking Pin - 'HELP' 'code' 'MPIN'

Missed Call Banking

Indian bank is providing its customer an easier way of knowing their account balance through missed call banking method. It is so simple that a missed call will reveal the balance in your account. To get this service, first you have to link your mobile number with your account by filling the KYC form and submitting it in your bank branch. Then make a call to Indian Bank missed call banking number. The call will be disconnected automatically. Soon a message will be sent to your registered mobile number carrying the information of your account number (only last four digits are shown) and your present account balance. The missed call banking number for Indian Bank is 09289592895.


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