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Indian Overseas Bank provides 24x7 online banking services to its customers via net banking. By this, an IOB customer can access his account notwithstanding it is midnight or a government holiday.

How to login for IOB net Banking

To avail IOB internet banking service, the IOB account holder should register his account over internet. An active email Id is vital both for registering and login purpose.

  • Once you registered your account, you can log on to the internet banking service by using the user id and password.
  • User id is the name given by you while registering and the first time password will be sent to you by the bank. You are advised to change your password as soon as you can.
  • Company accounts have single corporate id (name of the company) and many users id (name of the individual), since single account is managed by various persons of same company.
  • Password and PIN are not same(password for login, PIN for fund transfer). Continuous wrong entry of password will block your account, so be cautious.

Once login you can

  • Enquire the balance
  • Know last few transactions
  • Get account statement
  • Give request for cheque book
  • Know the status of cheque book
  • Open a deposit account
  • Transfer money to any of your account
  • Transfer funds
  • Pay credit card bill
  • Suspend one's own IOB debit card
  • Pay one's taxes (direct/indirect)
  • Pay RD, loans, dues
  • Pay for EB, insurance, mobile

over internet with the help of net banking.

How to Register

To register in IOB net banking, one should be IOB’s

  • savings or current account holder
  • deposit or loan account holder
  • Propriety firm
  • Partnership or limited companies
  • Societies or Trusts
  • Hindu Undivided Family

To register follow the given steps,

  • Visit
  • If you are an individual or a propriety firm, click 'Register Individual'. If not choose 'Register Corporate'.
  • After registering, submit the application form and annexure (if you are registering for companies, partnership firms, Societies or Trusts) in the representative branch.
  • The PIN number, which is used for all kinds of fund transfer, will be sent to you.
  • As soon as the branch receives the application, your account will be activated.

Add Payee

To transfer funds from your account, you have to provide the details of the beneficiary in the section ‘ADD PAYEE-IOB Account’ and approve it. You can credit to that account, once the bank activates it. Adding Payee- IOB account

  • Login to your net banking account.
  • Click 'Remittances' and then 'Add Payee' and choose 'IOB Account'.
  • Provide the name and account number of the beneficiary and submit.
  • Enter the OTP, which will be sent to your mobile number or email Id and select 'Approve Payee'.

Adding Payee - other bank accounts

  • Log on to your online banking account.
  • Select 'Remittances' and then 'Add Payee'. Now choose 'Other Bank Account'.
  • Enter the details of the recipient like his name, address, account type, account number, IFSC Code of that particular bank and click 'Submit'.
  • On the next page, enter OTP that will be sent to you and click 'Approve Payee'.

How to Transfer Fund via Net Banking

Once you add payee, it is easy to transfer funds just with few steps.

To IOB Account

  • Login to your account.
  • Go to 'Remittances' and click 'Fund transfer' and choose 'IOB Account'.
  • Select the debit account and credit account from the list and fill up the amount and details in the debit and credit entries and click proceed.
  • Enter the PIN for fund transfer and choose 'Pay Now' or 'Schedule Later'.
  • Next a screen will ask for OTP. Enter the OTP sent to your mobile number and select 'Submit'. Soon the amount will be transferred.

To other Bank Accounts

  • Log on to your net banking account.
  • Select 'Fund Transfer' from 'Remittances'. Then choose 'Other Bank Accounts'.
  • Select the debit account and credit account from the given list, enter the amount and details of sender and receiver and click 'Transfer funds'
  • Enter the PIN and select 'Pay Now' or 'Schedule Later'.
  • Enter the OTP sent to you on the appropriate space and submit it. The amount will be credited to the recipient's account at once.

How to Pay Credit Card Bill

You can also pay your credit card bill through IOB net banking. But first you should register your credit card.

To register credit card

  • Log on to your banking account.
  • Click 'IOB Card' and then 'IOB Credit Card'. Next select 'Register Card'.
  • Enter the card number and name of the card holder as it is printed in the credit card and select confirm.
  • Once IOB approved your registration, you can make payment to credit card.

To make Payment

  • Login to your banking account.
  • Go to 'IOB Card', click 'IOB Credit Card' and choose 'Make Payment'.
  • Select the debit and credit accounts, enter the payment money and then click proceed. The bill will be paid at once.

Mobile Banking

IOB is also providing mobile banking. It enables the customer to do banking transaction anytime, anyplace, merely with the mobile phone. Any IOB customer with a valid operative account can apply for this service. Mobile banking provides following services to its customers.

  • Balance enquiry
  • Mini statement
  • Fund transfers
  • Credit card payment
  • Loan/deposit view
  • Top up and bill payments
  • Stop cheque
  • Cheque status
  • ATM card blocking
  • Foreign remittances using IMPS

If you wish to do mobile banking, first register your account to this service. There are two ways:

  • You can download the application from the website > mobile banking > Application link. Then fill the application and submit it in the branch.
  • You can register through internet banking. Login > edit profile > mobile banking registration.

After you have registered your account, you will receive an SMS with the MPIN and the mobile banking link to be downloaded. There are various applications to avail mobile banking service like USSD, WAP, Android/ iPhone/ Windows app.

Howto Login in Mobile Banking

Is this your first time to use mobile banking? Then check out these things.

  • Download the IOB Mobile Banking Application and login.
  • Enter the registered mobile number and mPIN you are asked for.
  • An OTP message will be sent to your mobile number. Enter that OTP.
  • Then you will be insisted to set a new 4 digit password and to confirm it.
  • You can also change your mPIN through 'change mPIN' option, after you have set your new password.
  • It is essential that mPIN should differ from password.

Fund Transfer Using USSD

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data(USSD) is one of the application methods of IOB Mobile Banking. With the help of USSD, even a person with old model mobile set can avail mobile banking. To transfer funds using USSD

  • Dial *99# from your mobile number.
  • You will receive a welcome message saying Welcome to NUUP. Enter 3 letters of your Bank's short name or first four letters of your Bank's IFSC.
  • Reply 'IOB' or 'IOBA'.
  • The mobile banking menu will be displayed on the screen.
  • Select 'Transaction' from the menu and enter last four digits of your account number as requested in the NUUP session to fulfill the transaction.
  • When the bank completes the transaction, it confirms the result by sending a message to you.

SMS Banking

SMS Banking is a part of mobile banking in which you can do banking just through SMS. It has the advantage that even a customer with basic phone can do mobile banking and there is no need for internet connection. But it has limited services only. It is available to all customers who have registered for mobile banking. It tracks your account all through the day and informs you whenever any changes, deposit or withdrawal happen on your account. You have the facility to avail services by sending coded message to 8424022122. For example To check your balance, send space To get mini statement, send space To get your Mobile Money Identifier, send You will get reply for your requests within minutes. To acquire this service, register your mobile number in any of your nearest IOB branch and get it activated. You would be asked to submit a self attested letterthat holds your account number and mobile number. Otherwise you can register for SMS banking through internet banking.

IOB Missed Call Banking

Missed call banking is the latest facility available to the IOB customers. You can know the balance of your account just by giving a missed call to IOB Missed Call Banking number. It is considered as the easiest way for balance enquiry. All you have to do is register your mobile number in your bank directly or through internet. Then give a missed call to 04442220004 from your registered mobile number. Soon, you will get a message showing what is your present account balance is.


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