What is GST in India

GST is the short form of Goods and Services Tax which is an indirect tax levied on consumer products and services. It has been a great reform on the tax system of India. In order to eliminate the tax over tax on goods and services, it is introduced. read more

Car Insurance

Car Insurance Guide

Car insurance is useful to protect your vehicle against damages incurred in unavoidable instances. It is a common type of general insurance and also known as motor insurance or vehicle insurance. This insurance plan covers against your car theft, fire, explosion, financial loss caused by accidents and any subsequent potential liabilities. The insurance premium value based on some criteria’s like car value, coverage type, excess voluntary, classification of vehicle etc. Car insurance can give the confidence while driving peacefully. In case any emergencies, it will acts like a helping hands to the insurance holder. read more

Forex Trading Introduction

Forex Trading Introduction

Forex (Foreign exchange) trading is known as trading different countries currencies each other which means buying and selling currencies/money. This can do through broker or online by choosing currency pair. The value of world currencies fluctuating in all times and don’t have a fixed exchange rate. The investments of forex trading deal with four major pairs. They are Euro against US dollar (EUR/USD), US dollar against Japanese yen (USD/JPY), British pound against US dollar (GBP/USD), US dollar against Swiss franc (USD/CHF). read more

Term Insurance

Term Insurance Guide

Term insurance is a pure life cover low cost insurance with high risk cover at fixed payments for a limited period of time(such as 10, 20, or 30 years). When compared to permanent life insurance, initially term insurance is less expensive and high returns. By given period of time term life insurance provides a better amount of protection against the death of an individual. Peoples who are looking for insurance plan on short term basis can get more benefit from term insurance. read more

Health Insurance

Health Insurance Guide

Health insurance is a medical insurance which covers the risk of your medical expenses. This insurance policy is contract between peoples and insurance company. Health insurance policy can helps in all severe emergencies to make safe and secure from bearing financial loss. It can covers an individual or entire family and giving income tax benefit under section 80 D. The coverage of health insurance is basic coverage, sickness, accident, specific health plans and critical illness plan. read more

Home Loan

Home Loan Guide

Home loan is a secured loan which is given by bank with some interest rates for personal or commercial properties. The main condition of borrowing home loan is the concern person must be ownership against property/security intended. Because, if the loan borrower left to pay back to the loan means bankers will retrieve balance amount by selling that property. read more