Revised GST Rates Item Wise List

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Revised GST Rates - 15 November 2017

The GST council on its 23rd meeting revised tax rates of over 200 items. Daily consumables become cheaper than before. Restaurants now cost lesser by this tax revision. It is the first big change after the GST implementation effected from November 15, 2017.

How Many Items are Tax Revised?

About 178 items are tax revised from 28% to 18%. This change left only 50 items in the unchanged list like tobacco, refrigerator and washing machines. Items like sugar, pasta, condensed milk and sugar cubes which were taxed 18% are revised to 12%. Some items taxed at 18% came to 5% and 5% to 0%.

Tax Revision in Hotel Sector

After GST implementation, the hotel sector bore high tax. This tax revision comes as a huge sigh of relief to all who dines out. There were 18% GST on AC restaurants and 12% GST on non-AC restaurants and both of which are lowered to 5%. Both the AC and non-AC restaurants bear the same uniform tax. These restaurants are not allowed to take the Input Tax Credits (ITC). Hotels with room rent of Rs.7500 and above per day will have 18% GST and can take input tax credit.

Which Items are Tax Revised?

GST on aircraft engines are revised from 28%/18% to 5%. GST on aircraft tyres and seats are lowered to 5% from 28%. Lac or shellac bangles are lowered to 0% from 3%. We shall see the GST change of other items according to their revised tax percentage.

Items Revised from 28% to 18%

  • Electrical items like plugs, switches, connectors, insulators, fuses, sockets, relays, electric panels, boards and wires, fans, compressors, lights, lamps and its attachments, electronic weight machines, broadcasting items like radio and TV, machines used for recording and reproducing, transport traffic control machineries, signaling machines, , cameras used in cinematography, image projector, projectors
  • dummies of tailor's, sewing machine's crankshaft, roller screws, ball, bull dozers, excavators, levelling and earth moving machines, road rollers, loaders,equipment used for gymnastics and athletics, exercise equipment, swings, roundabouts, equipment of fork lifting and handling
  • items used in laboratory, cooling towers, reactors, pressure vessels, printers, multi-functional printers, equipment used in offices, desks, cutlery, cookers, stoves, other similar non electric home appliances, razor blades, razor, lighters, miscellaneous items of vacuum flasks
  • wooden items, frames, plywood, fiber boards, escalators, gears, bearings, gaskets, safety machines, all kinds of ceramic tiles, marble tiles, granite tiles, marble slabs, granite slabs, wrist watches and its parts, clocks, watch movements, watch cases, straps, aluminium door frames, windows, doors, wall papers, covering, items of mica, asphalt or slate, cement, concrete, stone and artificial stone, washbasins, showers, sinks, seats, floor coverings, plastic coverings
  • all kind of rubber and rubber tubes, artificial flowers, foliage, artificial fruits, fireworks, explosives, all kinds of musical instruments and their parts, all kinds of glasses and items like sheets, glassware, mirrors, safety glass, board, sheets and items of plaster, microscope and particular lab items, particular equipment used in metrology, geology, hydrology, oceanography, telescope, binoculars, goggles, travel things like trunks, suitcases, travel bags, brief cases, bed, furniture, washing and cleaning items like detergents, creams, liquids, shampoos, items of shaving preparations like pre-shaves and after-shaves, bathing articles, cosmetics, deodorants, room refreshers, perfumes, toilet waters, beauty and make up items, sanitary wears
  • hydraulic fluids, solvents, thinners, anti-freezing items, rubber tubes, other miscellaneous items of rubber, waffles and wafers coated with or containing chocolate, food items of malt, malt extract, flour, meal, groats, bubble gums, chewing gums, chocolates, coffee concentrates, extracts, essences, fats, butter, and cocoa butter.

Items that have tax reduction from 28% to 12%

Armoured fighting vehicles and tanks, wet grinders consisting of stone as grinders.

Tax Revised Items from 18% to 12%

Refined sugar, sugar cubes, condensed milk, pasta, curry paste, mayonnaise, salads, mixed seasonings, ink used for printing, diabetic foods, hand bags made of jute and cotton, hats, parts of specified agricultural, horticultural, harvesting and sewing machines, furniture made of bamboo or cane, and spectacles frames.

Tax Revised Items from 18% to 5%

Potatoes in unit container bearing a brand name, chutney powder, fly ash, Sulphur obtained from refined crude and groundnut sweets.

Tax Revised Items from 12% to 5%

Idli and dosa batter, composition leather, finished leather, fabrics which are narrow woven (with no ITC), ropes, coir and coir products, twines, desiccated coconut, fishing hooks and nets, fly ash brick and worn clothing.

Tax Revised Items from 5% to 0%

Certain dried veggies like sweet potatoes, maniac, guar meal, hop corn which are not grounded or powdered, frozen or dried fish not put up in unit container, khandsari sugar and unworked coconut shell.

GST Rates Reduced for 27 items - 06 October 2017

A recent announcement from the GST council to cut down tax rate of some items will be good news for those who do small scale businesses and export. There are 27 items in the list.

Items which have tax cut from 12% to 5%

  • Cut and dried mangoes
  • Roti or plain chapathi
  • Namkeens which are not in containers and not bearing any brand name
  • Medicines of sidda, ayurveda, unani without brand name
  • Paper waste and Real zari

Items which have the tax rate of 18% from 28%

  • E-waste
  • Principle parts of standard speed diesel engine with power up to 15 horse power
  • Principle parts of power pumps used for water handling
  • Plain shaft bearing 8483,
  • Paper clips and similar office items
  • Except marble and granite and those mentioned in the chapter 6802
  • Poster colour and Clay used for modelling

Items whose tax are lowered from 18% to 5%

  • Biomass briquettes
  • Cullet and glass waste
  • Rubber waste
  • Plastic waste
  • Foods in unit containers which are distributed to economically weaker areas under a scheme approved by centre or state government

Items with tax cut from 18% to 12%

  • Thread of man-made filaments used for sewing which not used in retails
  • All type of synthetic filament yarn like nylon, polyester
  • All types of artificial filament yarn like viscose, rayon
  • Yarn by the man-made staple fibres
  • Sewing thread made of staple fibres

Items with tax exempted from 5%

  • Duty credit scrips

Items of tax rate lowered from 28% to 5%

  • Hard rubber wastes.


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